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Customizable ERP: What Are The Advantages For Your Business?

A customizable ERP is a strategy used by most companies that seek to simplify and streamline operations, ensure task control, reduce errors, gain efficiency, and enjoy other advantages capable of providing excellent results.

This is because it is a complete and robust management software, capable of optimizing and organizing all areas of the business, providing more dynamic management of processes that will contribute to more assertive decision-making and the achievement of the proposed goals and objectives. . Do you want to know what the benefits of having this tool are? So, continue your reading!

Meets The Needs Of The Organization

A customizable ERP can adapt precisely to the company’s needs, integrating new functions and modules, and considering each business model. In this way, it is easier to acquire a tailored solution for the company that meets all identified demands, in addition to allowing the full potential of technology to be enjoyed, even in more specific tasks.

Provides Operational Efficiency

Another advantage of the customizable ERP is operational efficiency, leading to the precise tasks carried out in the work routine. When efficiency is unsatisfactory, it means that resources are being wasted and that, little by little, the company is losing competitiveness.

Considering this, the solution helps a lot. This is because it ensures that the routine of operations is supported by technology and, therefore, is better directed. In many situations, automating activities and letting the team focus on more strategic functions is possible.

Simplifies Employee Adaptation

Implementing an ERP can lead to adapting the work routine for several reasons, either because the team is using an old system or because the company is starting to work digitally. In either case, adapting to a new tool can be complicated.

In this regard, the customizable ERP brings another benefit, which is to facilitate this transition phase, providing fewer contrasts when compared with the work that was already done previously and it’s standards.

This leads to a series of positive consequences, such as the work team’s motivation, since this lighter transition process generates interest in understanding the new technology and the whole process, contributing to more satisfactory results.

It Brings An Excellent Cost-Benefit Ratio

Considering only the cost of acquiring the tool is a common mistake since some cheap solutions may not generate any return or even affect business results, causing losses.

In this case, the customizable ERP presents an exciting highlight since it provides the maximum return for the company, considering that it adjusts to its demands. In addition, it can give an acquisition cost similar to generic ERPs but with a higher potential, leaving the company in a prominent position.

After All, What Is The Concept Of Customized And Generic ERP?

Think of ERP as management software. It allows, for example, to control the business’s cash flow or to make inventory forecasts, ensuring that the company is always competitive in dealing with competitors and the unpredictability of the market.

Some of this software works as a generic engine. They work practically the same way in all companies and meet the exact demands, restricted to a specific scope of controls that are generally part of the company’s back office, such as administrative, financial, tax, accounting operations, etc. This has a weak point: specific demands of the business operation, necessary for most companies, still need to be met.

Think, for example, of a car dealership. Its software requires fields to record the vehicles’ chassis and customers’ driver’s licenses. Therefore, generic software, which comes as a “little closed box,” can hardly meet these demands.

On the other hand, customized ERP can be architected according to the demand of each company. Therefore, it is possible to include new modules and fields, ensuring that the technology covers even the most specific processes. They have a complete ERP that controls the entire back office. Still, they go much further, expanding functionalities to automate operations that involve other areas of the company, with sales, customer management, field operation teams, and many others.

What Are The Main Differences Between Custom And Generic ERP?

There are many differences, and you must address them to choose the best ERP software for your business. As explained, flexibility is an important point, but there are others, such as scope and final cost.

Tool Flexibility

Generic software could be more flexible. It is a “little closed box” and limits the company’s functions. Suppose it meets all the demands of your industry or company; fabulous. If you do, you will have problems, as some practices will be discovered.

This flexibility is a strong point of customizable ERP, as it is architected according to the company’s needs. This means that all processes, even the most specific ones, can be embraced by technology. This flexibility allows for 360-degree management, that is, complete.

Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 is changing business processes, making them faster and more digital. Good ERP software needs to drive this modernization, allowing the company to adapt and integrate the best processes into its day-to-day.

Generic software, due to its rigidity, may not offer specific processes. That is, they may be left out of the 4.0 transformation. The customized ERP, in turn, ensures coverage of all management processes, adapting them to Industry 4.0.

Functionalities Present In The ERP

Another critical point is functionality. The more functions an ERP has, the better. Correct? Only sometimes. The most important thing is that the ERP has valuable tasks for the organization and its processes. 

Unfortunately, to offer high coverage, it is common for generic ERP to have functions that could be more useful to your company. Therefore, the module will be there, it is part of the software, but your collaborators will never use it.

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