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How Can Marketing Help Sell More ERP?

Marketing help ERP: Marketing and sales are two areas that must go together. While the former generates the desire and need in a company’s potential customers, sales help them to suppress their demands. 

Proof of this is the number of organizations in the IT sector that are betting on marketing to create relationships with the public and lead them through the purchase journey until they decide to buy a product or hire a service. For example, a study by the Content Marketing Institute showed that 58% of B2B companies in the segment intend to invest in Inbound Marketing strategies, one of the Digital Marketing tools, for the next few years.

This means that if businesses that sell systems and other technological solutions fail to invest in marketing integrated with sales, they are certainly losing potential customers to the competition.

To help businesses achieve better results through strategy, we developed this article. Check it out and learn how to optimize your sales through well-structured relationship actions!

Should I Invest In Marketing For An ERP Company?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes. This is especially true for Digital Marketing, which boosts sales and builds customer loyalty through resources such as Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

In addition to the lower cost compared to traditional ads and campaigns, the tool allows for greater targeting, which means that companies that make complex sales can reach precisely the businesses seeking to optimize results through efficient management.

In the case of ERP software sales, which fit the profile because they have many variables and steps until a customer opts for the solution, carrying out actions that lead potential customers through the sales funnel naturally and positively directly assists in the creation of the authority, in the relationship and the closing of deals.

What Types Of Strategies Can Be Used?

To begin with, companies need to understand that marketing and sales strategies need to be customized according to the operating segment, target audience, and average ticket of the solution offered, among other factors that will guide actions to have greater assertiveness and reach the right audience. Among the main types of activities that an ERP business can perform are:

Content Marketing

Today, as necessary as the quality or price of a system is creating positive relationships with potential customers. In addition, competition, which is only increasing, has prioritized actions to attract, conquer and retain the public.

Among the most efficient tools for this purpose is Content Marketing. As the name suggests, the main objective of the device is to feed the audience with relevant content which meets the characteristics, pains, desires and needs of leads and customers.

In practice, this helps companies build authority on the subject, which increases credibility and sales. ERP businesses can create a blog to achieve this goal and periodically post articles in line with the area and the different stages of each customer’s purchase journey. In addition, content in video format is also often successful.

Social Networks

According to a study by Cup nation, the number of Brazilian users on social networks is expected to increase by 20% by the end of 2023. Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked and YouTube can generate leads from the engagement and relationship created in posts, interactions, targeted ads and other actions.

Social networks are also customer service channels, allowing, for example, more agility in support. They are also an excellent mechanism to gain more customers. However, as in all marketing and sales strategies, a well-founded approach must be drawn up, containing relevant and periodic content in the different relationship means.

Landing Pages

In digital marketing, a landing page is nothing more than an independent web page developed for specific campaigns. The purpose of the feature is conversion, that is, to get a visitor to fill out a contact form, download a free trial of an ERP software or participate in a satisfaction survey.

For conversions to occur, the landing page must be optimized correctly, containing attractive and objective information, which will lead the audience to complete the action intended by the company.

Marketing Emails

One of the pillars of conversion for companies that work with ERP sales and other types of systems is email marketing. In addition to being a tool with great reach, since people usually open their emails daily, it allows for closer, personal and more straightforward contact with potential and current customers.

Email marketing, when aligned with other digital marketing strategies, such as social networks and Inbound Marketing, can outperform the estimated result of other channels. Are 40 times more likely to acquire a new customer via email than via Facebook or Twitter?

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads on channels such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are also excellent ways to boost a technology company’s content and offers. The advantages of this type of strategy are the possibilities of segmentation, affordable costs, increased visibility, the possibility of measuring performance and faster results.

A tip is not to forget to configure the marketing and sales campaigns of the ERP company according to data such as location, age group and interests of the target audience, properly targeting the campaigns.

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