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We Can Divide Digital Marketing Into Four Major Areas


Digital Marketing: Content can be understood as everything that is seen, read, heard, and has some user interaction. Thus, images, videos, texts, audio, and other formats are considered content that helps to build and strengthen a digital presence.

As you can see, they are very different materials from each other and require different techniques for their creation.

So, different types of knowledge and skills are needed for the development of deliverables, such as:

  • Copywriting and SEO Optimized
  • videos 
  • Social Network Management
  • Between others

In this sense, professionals such as copywriters, videographers, social media, and Marketing analysts, in general, can work with Digital Marketing focused on content.


The Design area is also vast and requires diversified expertise. Some of the most common jobs are:

  • Branding / Logo
  • Layout for Applications and Websites
  • Printed material
  • Digital Parts
  • Between others

In this way, the professional designer who knows how to use image creation and editing programs (such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and CorelDraw) has several fields to work in in Digital Marketing.


We can say that content, and design creators create the material, the “filling.” But these pieces need to reach the public. That’s where media professionals come in. 

In “traditional” Marketing, we have an example of offline media: television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. In Digital Marketing, online media diversifies a lot and, as a result, demands different skills.

The content produced can be disseminated through social networks, email marketing, blogs, websites, and influencer channels.

So, media professionals can work specifically with managing Google Ads, Social Ads, email marketing, and programmatic media, among others.


For all this material and media to work and be available to users, people need to create and manage the technology on which the content is based.

Thus, technology professionals are also highly required to work with Digital Marketing in the development and maintenance of the following:

  • Apps and Platforms
  • e-commerce
  • websites
  • blog
  • landing page
  • IF THE 
  • Between others.

So, this field has several possibilities to explore and specialize in, in addition to being increasingly on the rise with the acceleration of digital transformation in companies.

What Are The Ways To Work With Digital Marketing

You have checked out the various “areas within the area” of Digital Marketing. He also saw that they are varied and require different knowledge and professional skills.

But, in addition to all that we said, working in this segment is a great advantage. It is about the various ways to act as a Digital Marketing professional. And what does it mean?

You can be hired as a collaborator in a different company, specialize in Marketing (even in a specific segment), or work as a self-employed professional, providing service to other organizations. Below, we discuss these ways to work with Digital Marketing in more detail. Check out:

Permanent Job 

The famous contracting by formal contract (CLT), using the Consolidation of Labor Laws rules, is still very common in the digital industry.

Thus, there is the possibility of hiring full or part-time, in addition to carrying out the work in person or remotely. Companies from different segments can look for professionals to work within their Marketing sector.  

But the organizations that hire people to work in the area are agencies. They can be full-service (offering all Digital Marketing services) or specialized (such as Social Media agencies, for example).

You can find jobs in the CLT format at:

  • Job sites:, GlassDoor, LinkedIn, Revell, and others.
  • Websites of companies and agencies.
  • Groups of vacancies in social networks.


Another exciting way to work with Digital Marketing is to be a freelancer, that is, who operates autonomously.

In this case, the professional can choose who he wants to work for and how he will do it, as agreed with the client. It is pretty standard, for example, for activities to be carried out remotely at the famous home office.

Opportunities for the content, design, media, and technology freelancer can be found on online platforms such as:

  • 99 Freelance
  • working
  • Get Ninjas
  • And others

Necessary: You will need a CNPJ to work as a freelancer in this modality. Many companies, agencies, and platforms require the professional to issue an invoice. It is possible to be a freelancer with a CNPJ from MEI (if what you do is within the list of permitted occupations ) or a CNPJ from another category of formalization of companies.

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