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Types Of D2C By Segment For The Industry

D2C: With direct sales to the final consumer, companies can explore several possibilities that would previously be much more complex and expensive.

It is possible, for example, to test new products and their acceptance in the market quickly and at a lower cost.

The scenario is one of uncertainty – after all, the way people live has changed – as well as the way of doing business.

That is why one of the predominant questions in the marketing area is: how to maintain the relevance of a business in such an uncertain and delicate scenario? Having information and statistics helps us in this challenge.

In addition to this scenario of strategic uncertainty, hiring also had to be postponed. 85% of organizations say they are delaying or reviewing new hires, and 90% are doing the same with their budget commitments.

Companies can also work with long-tail items, which demand much more complex logistics in other channels. Next, see how DTC can be applied in different industry sectors. 

Technology & Home

Tech and Home goods manufacturers can benefit significantly from D2C. Direct selling allows companies to explore practices such as:

  • Recurrence: create a close bond with the customer by offering items that need to be consumed periodically, such as capsules for coffee machines.
  • Suggestion: promote the upsell and cross-sell of products and services that may interest the customer, such as purchasing a notebook and table support for the device.
  • Sales of services: the sale of services linked to the product can increase the customer’s ticket. Furniture stores that offer assembly of the items or warranty services are an example of this option.
  • Leasing: Tech & Home companies can offer the rental of machinery and equipment, such as drills, printers, and others.
  • Marketplace: exploring the spaces of marketplaces as a closer connection with consumers is also an option for factories of technological products and the home. 

Some examples of Tech & Home companies that use D2C as a sales channel: are Apple and Britannia.

Consumer Goods

Companies that manufacture consumer goods (Consumer Goods) also find several ways to apply Direct to Consumers. Check out some possibilities:

  • Experience: proximity to the end consumer facilitates the generation of unique experiences with the brand, such as product personalization.
  • Ease: Do you know that short-run item that the company wants to test for market acceptance? With D2C, factories can quickly deliver innovative products.
  • Content: the direct channel with the customer allows the exploration of content that facilitates the use of the goods and brings more connection with the brand. A classic example is recipes made available by manufacturers of culinary ingredients.
  • Subscription Club: With Direct to Consumer, it is possible to offer subscription plans so that customers periodically receive consumer goods from the manufacturer.

Danone, Estrela, and Toyota are companies that have applied D2C in the Consumer Goods sector.


Apparel, footwear, and accessory manufacturers also have great opportunities to explore with DTC. Look:

  • Franchises: companies that manufacture fashion items can create differentiated spaces for their franchises and, thus, generate a direct connection with consumers and their products. E-commerce is an example of this type of D2C.
  • Brand Lover: The direct sales channel is also an excellent environment to create close connections with consumers, offering, for example, exclusive items and limited collections.

Brands such as Nike are manufacturers in the sector that bet on Direct Customers.

Health Beauty

Finally, Health and Beauty is another segment that can benefit significantly from the DTC. Among other actions, it is possible to put into practice the following direct sales formats:

  • Spin-off: the virtual space allows the mixing of different brands in the same e-commerce. Thus, the manufacturer can fully meet its customer’s demands.
  • Consultants: companies that manufacture Health & Beauty products can generate new sales by creating spaces that facilitate the connection between customers and resellers.

Did you like D2C but don’t know where to start or how to put it into practice in your business? There are so many digital transformation agencies that professionalize the presence of companies on the web.

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