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Marketing Squad Or Agency: The Best Option For Business

Marketing Squad: The answer to this question will depend on your business needs and how you deal with your teams. Companies still structuring and demanding few marketing deliveries can have their needs adequately met using an agency’s services. 

But organizations with more maturity in their culture, management, and processes are more likely to be successful with the adoption of squads.

Squads work by deliveries and, thus, can maintain a high degree of effectiveness while providing an efficient service.

The company needed to improve its digital positioning and sought specialized help with Crowd, which set up and managed a remote team.

Were delivered: professional website, presentation and institutional videos, content production for the blog, LinkedIn and email marketing, campaigns with paid media, and printed materials.

This remote team was composed of multidisciplinary, complementary, and goal-focused professionals.

How To Hire A Marketing Squad

In the same way, it is possible to hire agency services; you can also hire a marketing squad. The agile team will work remotely but fully aligned with your business goals.

With a focus on high performance and excellent quality deliveries, small squads are a suitable solution for companies that want significant performance and agility in their projects.

Among the deliveries made by agile teams, we can highlight the following:

  • Generating more qualified traffic to the business website and blog.
  • Increased sales of physical and digital products.
  • Generating more leads for the commercial team.
  • Increased brand recognition in the market.

One of the advantages of hiring small squads is the ease of application. While some companies can take years to adopt agile methods fully, organizations that hire external squads have a potential gain in time and results.

Graphic Designer

Creating diverse art and images for brands is, in turn, a task of the graphic designer. The professional is responsible for deliveries ranging from printed flyers and business cards to creating logos and art for social networks.

The graphic designer then works on developing visual communication projects that can be made for both the digital and physical universe.

For this, he needs to have an excellent ability to put the concept and message that the brand wants to communicate to paper (or screen) and order the elements of digital pieces aesthetically. The graphic design professional is certainly in high demand for marketing squads.

Traffic Manager

Virtual spaces are getting more crowded every day. This is the result, among other factors, of the fierce competition between brands, organizations, and others for the attention of digital audiences.

In this sense, a professional who can make all the difference in the agile team is the paid traffic manager, whose role is to manage online ads. 

Then, it is your responsibility to allocate account investments to sponsored campaigns. It will decide which channels are most likely to be effective across Instagram, Google, and YouTube, for example.

It is also part of its attributions to distribute the budget to bring a greater return on the amount applied. The professional must also monitor campaigns and their results.

In this way, the traffic manager is required in agile teams that carry out digital actions for brand and sales performance, among other objectives.

Front End Developer

Currently, a professional website is a demand by virtually every business – digital or physical. Therefore, the front-end developer is one of those who can be part of the small marketing squad. 

Your responsibility is to program the website, blog, and landing pages. The front-end developer models the visible part of the website; they need to know languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Thus, the services of this professional become necessary in projects that need websites and virtual stores, for example.

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