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Remarketing: What Are Its Main Benefits?

Remarketing: Digital marketing comprises a series of tools and strategies that are indispensable for the competitiveness of companies today. Still, its impact on the public does not always turn into sales conversions at first.

To reinforce the advertising strategies adopted by companies and ensure that a particular campaign will impact a consumer when he is ready to exercise his purchase behavior, the concept of remarketing was established!

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing comprises a series of ads that remain “following” you after you show interest in a specific category of products or services, whether on social networks, blogs, or websites.

In a nutshell, the concept refers to the act of marketing more than once to the same people, generating an even more significant impact on individuals who are already inclined to hold a specific account.

There are two ways to do remarketing and increase your sales: one of them is by installing a code, which varies according to the platform used, be it a website, social media, or Google.

Another way is to upload mailings from emails and telephones, which will be cross-referenced with users created by Internet users on social networks and their interests so that the messages can be triggered.

In both situations, the aim is to reactivate customers already present in your base through personalized email campaigns, which feedback consumer interest and encourage them to take action.

Among the most common messages that can encourage action, it is possible to remember a full shopping cart that has not yet been completed, informing about something new in a specific category of products, and offering a promotion on items of interest to the individual, among other related situations.

What Are The Main Benefits Of This Technique?

Like any marketing strategy, remarketing has its primary objective of increasing conversions. The main argument for its use is simple: most consumers never make their purchases on the first internet search.

To get a sense of the relevance of this type of technique, according to data collected by Google AdWords, only 3% of visitors to an online store purchase their first visit.

Of those individuals, 51% say they appreciate personalized emails, 58% like to be notified about promotions on their products of interest, and 41% like to be notified of shopping cart abandonment emails.

In this scenario, remarketing acts not only as a reminder about the products and services that internet users search for on the internet but mainly as a much more intimate and personalized point of contact according to the characteristics of each individual!

By continuing to consider the purchase and receiving offers aligned with their interests, the person will feel more convinced over time about the investment and will choose precisely the company they are keeping in touch with.

How Is Remarketing Present In Our Daily Lives?

When we think more deeply about our daily lives on the internet, it is easy to see how remarketing is present in our daily lives and influences our behavior.

Imagine the following situation and ask yourself if you’ve never experienced it: imagine that you searched for certain smartphone models on Google or a specific e-commerce site.

After checking the main features of the device and its price, you decide to close the site to think better about your purchase.

Then you open your favorite news portal, and suddenly the products you searched for are displayed on a special Google banner. When it’s time to visit your Facebook, there are smartphones again!

A few days after the survey, the store sends you an email asking if you are still interested in a particular device and offers you a special discount.

This is precisely why remarketing is so effective: your ads appear to the potential buyer throughout the entire sales cycle of your product.

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