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Seven Mistakes In Digital Marketing For B2B

Investing in Digital Marketing for B2B is a great way to find new customers, improve your company’s positioning and increase the number of closed deals.

With the popularization of the internet and social networks, much of the public is online. If your company wants to take advantage of these numbers to close more deals, developing a solid and consistent digital presence is necessary.

For this, it is necessary to have a good Digital Marketing strategy for B2B. According to a study by Dream grow, 71% of consumers who had a good service experience with a brand on social networks would like to recommend it to others.

Furthermore, a Click Z survey showed that after an ad is viewed on the internet, 31% of users click on the ad; 27% look for the product or the company, 21% type the company’s website address into the browser, and 9% search for more information about the product.

However, a good Digital Marketing strategy for B2B is challenging to implement, and many companies end up making mistakes that can significantly harm results in the future.

Therefore, this article will present some of the main mistakes your company needs to make in Digital Marketing for B2B.

Main Mistakes Made In Digital Marketing For B2B

Ideal Audience

One of the main things many companies need to improve when defining a Digital Marketing strategy for B2B is the ideal audience that the design and the company want to reach.

This step is essential so that your team and your strategies are aligned and optimized to find customers interested in doing business with your company.

Thus, you increase the chances of closing a new contract and ensure that your sales and marketing team does not waste time and energy on activities that will not bring results in the end.


Another widespread mistake companies make about the investment that will be made in marketing actions and campaigns. Before you start, you need to know where your money was invested and what return you got from that investment.

After carrying out this analysis, the company must refrain from investing in those strategies that do not bring a return. Feel free to switch to a new system if an action doesn’t get results.

Separating Marketing From Sales

Separating sales and marketing is one of the most common mistakes we can find, and it can damage your company. In the past, many entrepreneurs and managers believed that the two sectors should work separately.

However, this is not true today, and the two teams must have converging planning and actions. And that includes everything from attracting and qualifying leads to prospecting and, in many cases, negotiations.

Not Being Present On Social Media

As we already mentioned in this article, social networks accumulate billions of users worldwide, and your ideal client is present in them. Today, we have various social networks for different audiences with many features and objectives; identify the one that best fits your needs. Being present on the networks means losing customers and, consequently, losing money.

We Are Not Creating Quality Content

A great Digital Marketing strategy for B2B is creating and sharing quality and engaging content. Through content on social networks, blogs, email marketing, etc., you can improve your relationship with your customers, position your brand as a reference in the market and attract more potential customers to close deals.

Paid Media

Investing in paid media is a great strategy to increase your sales, reach more customers and segment your ads so that only people with a genuine interest in your company can find them. Thus, you can get relevant results from a small investment and increase your conversion rate. 

Ignore Campaign Feedback And Metrics

There is no point in developing marketing strategies and actions, putting them into practice, and forgetting that they exist. It is necessary to monitor relevant metrics and listen to customer feedback to find out where you are working and what can be done to improve the experience and optimize results.

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