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IoT In Companies: What It Is And Why Adopt It

IoT in Companies: Technology is evolving at breakneck speed. Some inventions are meeting — or surpassing — the predictions of futuristic movies.

One example is the application of the Internet of Things in companies, which has taken automation to a new level of efficiency.

And does your organization already know the development the Internet of Things provides? Do you understand how it can be used to achieve company goals and increase business profitability?

If your answer to these questions is still negative, don’t miss this post. We will tell you about the Internet of Things, how it is used in organizations and some of its main benefits. Keep reading!

What Is The Internet Of Things?

It is one of the pillars of Digital Transformation and also of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It refers to developing a growing group of objects capable of interacting with other devices through the internet connection.

Therefore, the Internet of Things (IoT) allows, through systems, these objects to be integrated and act in sync. The software can collect real-time information, analyze it, and determine actions for these devices, according to the moment’s need.

To make the concept concrete, let’s consider a simple example: a connected car could send an approach signal to a corresponding gate, triggering an automatic opening.

However, companies already have much more sophisticated alternatives to use this technology in some industries, the entire shop floor is just machines. In these organizations, they no longer rely on any human interaction to produce.

Thus, through sensors and systems, the machines perform all the actions that previously required an employee’s performance. The equipment signals when it needs more supply, for example, that it is automatically brought in by another machine, and so on.

How Is The Internet Of Things Being Used?

The IoT is present in many sectors of the economy, although people often talk only about industry and production. In addition to enabling intelligent factories, homes, and condominiums, like the ones we mentioned in the previous topic, it is becoming widespread in people’s lives.

An example is marketing and purchasing. Today, a small beacon (tiny chip stored in plastic cases) can track the phone numbers of consumers who approach the store.

Maybe you think: how useful is this? So, think about this: this chip has each consumer’s internet browsing information. He knows who reads blogs and watches videos about exercising and going to a gym, for example.

Based on this information, the chip knows which sports products the consumer is interested in. This, when approaching a particular store of this type, the merchant’s system can identify this beacon and its interests. The store will then send you messages with exclusive offers according to your preferences.

For some people, all this information exchange can seem a little daunting. However, if we think this interaction makes life easier for consumers, providing offers relevant to their profile, this estrangement quickly disappears. However, this is just one of the applications.

As you can see, the Internet of Things takes automation to a new level. Thanks to them, companies can make their production more efficient and accurate, reduce costs and increase the profitability of a business. The perfect combination of quality and price is an unbeatable competitive advantage in the market. Did you understand the Internet of Things’ role in companies and its adoption’s benefits to increase the organization’s profits?

IoT is transforming the customer experience, but it will also change how traders deliver their products.

Because the integration between devices and platforms will allow professionals to create personalized experiences for customers and learn more about their behaviors and preferences.

How Is IoT Transforming Things Around Us?

The Internet of Things has given us the instrumentation to create smart homes, for example.

Most industries already use (or at least plan to use) the Internet of Things in their business routine. Because of IoT, innovative stores have become part of retail initiatives. For example, it is possible to find a defect in a machine before it breaks down.

In logistics, sensors can indicate where a product is, how it is being transported, and what its conditions are. The logistics sector is one of the sectors that has benefited most from these innovations. After all, sensors connected to the internet have great potential to simplify the distribution chain and the steps that take the product from the industries to the shelves.

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