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Digital Transformation And Customer Belief For Service

The second wave of digital transformation brought changes and new requirements for companies. Therefore, it is essential to set priorities to direct efforts and get ahead of competitors. In customer service, the decisive point is to meet customers’ new expectations. 

Solve The Demand Quickly And Effectively 

New technologies have accustomed customers to immediate solutions to problems, which is reflected in service expectations. We need efficient technologies to create a workflow that delivers an adequate resolution in a reasonable time, such as triage systems, automation robots, routing to a human attendant, etc. 

Often, the improvement of the process involves the training and autonomy of the attendants. Because they are called when the automated system has not resolved the demand, there is a great expectation of human service. In addition to the qualification of the professional, customer satisfaction will be greater if the person who answered has the autonomy to close the request.  

Have The Flexibility Of Service Channels 

It is no coincidence that omnichannel has become a trend in customer service. In practice, each customer has their preferred communication channels, and the company needs to be flexible to build good relationships with people. 

This is evident in organizations that only have part of their consumers with a digital profile. Thus, it is expected that, while many prefer to use the telephone or go to an in-person establishment to solve a problem, many others adhere to social networks and application assistance. 

Specific channels can also demonstrate errors and dissatisfaction with the company’s service. This is the case, for example, of demands on complaint websites or in open posts on social networks. The person has probably already sought other ways to talk to the company and has not been successful. 

Preserve Privacy

A concern born with the use of data is privacy. The topic is so important that it has given rise to laws that regulate the treatment of personal information, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Companies must pay attention to the General Personal Data Law (LGPD), which sets the protection standards in the country. Among the main guidelines, we have some significant changes: 

  • greater weight for consent in the collection of information; 
  • restriction of use for purposes agreed between the parties; 
  • duties to preserve people’s privacy and intimacy; 
  • special care and treatment for sensitive data, such as race, sex, religion, and political opinion. 

Hiring good technology providers and using Cloud Computing are the ways for companies to keep up with the new legislation. In addition, it is essential to have clear procedures for collecting and using personal data, whether in the case of automation or human service.

Live A Positive Experience  

Customer expectations can be condensed into the idea of ​​offering a better service experience. For this, the points seen so far need to work together so that the person has a positive feeling about the journey at the end of each interaction with the company. Are they: 

  • humanize the service; 
  • understand the wishes and needs of contractors; 
  • make the service adaptable to customer demand and profile; 
  • have multiple integrated communication channels; 
  • rely on friendly and easy-to-use services; 
  • resolve the request with promptness and agility. 

Remember, customer experience is often in the details. Paying attention to the website interface, using human voices in robots, and choosing pleasant hold music are examples of the little cares that make a difference to a positive feeling. 

The main challenge, however, is having a method for implementing the necessary changes. After all, without a direction, the company may have difficulties in contemplating such a wide area.

The Second Wave Of Digital Transformation In Practice

So far, we have seen the changes brought about by the second wave of digital transformation, focusing on customer service. In addition, we noticed essential reflections in the way we manage people and in the user experience.

It is important to note that, as in the first wave, several precautions are needed for the company to adapt to this scenario successfully:

  • have senior management sponsorship in the project; 
  • qualify employees; 
  • seek external partners to receive consultancy, outsource the service or provide technology; 
  • monitor the company’s evolution; 
  • promote continuous improvement.   

What changes a lot is the focus. Adaptation involves understanding the current target of the strategy. Innovations are a means to build competitive advantages, increase brand influence, change the business model, etc. 

Therefore, when looking for a partner, it is crucial to think not only about the technology offered — which is essential — but also about the knowledge and experience of the consultancy.

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