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Outbound Marketing: How Social Networks Can Help

Outbound Marketing aims to capture customers traditionally, using, for example, TV and radio ads, magazine advertisements, billboards, flyers, and telemarketing, among others.

All these actions have in common the fact that they are interruptive. That basic Jequiti in the middle of the SBT program, you know?

He is opposed to Inbound Marketing (we’ll talk later), and although many people believe it is an outdated strategy, Outbound has evolved and continues to bring results to companies.

If you know how to align the two strategies (Inbound and Outbound), you will have much more to gain! In addition to engaging the public, you can increase brand visibility and convert new customers faster!

Depending on the niche, Inbound makes a lot of sense and deserves a more significant share of efforts, but these companies can still benefit from Outbound actions.

Inbound And Outbound Marketing: What Are The Differences? 

Before we talk about the role of social networks in Outbound, let’s understand, in fact, the difference between Outbound and Inbound Marketing.

While in Outbound Marketing, the company has the mission of seeking out potential customers and impacting them with advertising; Inbound has an opposite strategy, which aims to attract through relevant and valuable content.

In the concept of Attraction Marketing (Inbound), there is a more extraordinary dedication to content production (especially for blogs) and SEO, so the brand can position itself as an authority in a niche.

The idea is that this material is helpful to the public so that they naturally see value in the brand and want to relate to it.

An essential difference between Inbound and Outbound is the strategies for dealing with the public. 

While Outbound aims to impact a massive audience, Inbound wants to attract a specific niche. Precisely for this reason, it directs its actions not to a target but to buyer personas.

In addition, Inbound Marketing allows for in-depth monitoring of actions by analyzing digital metrics. This monitoring brings valuable insights that guide strategy optimization. 

In contrast, many Outbound actions are impossible to measure. Or how many of the people impacted by a TV advertisement converted into customers?

Another difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing is cost. Depending on the chosen channels, Outbound Marketing can be more expensive.

What Is Outbound Marketing 2.0? 

The emergence and popularization of social media have transformed traditional Outbound Marketing.

With the masses increasingly connected on social networks, it has become much easier — and cheaper — to impact a brand’s potential audience. YEY!

In social networks, it is possible to create targeted campaigns by demographic profile and interests. 

It is possible to create ads on Instagram and Facebook that appear only to people with specific interests and characteristics. Remarketing, Dark Posts, and Stories ads are some of the possibilities in this regard.

Social networks also brought a series of metrics that allow the monitoring of Outbound strategies.

And all this makes up the so-called Outbound 2.0. It remains an interruptive methodology that uses digital resources and technologies to increase assertiveness.

What Is The Role Of Social Networks In Outbound Marketing?

If you read the previous topic, you already have the answers to this question. With social networks, Outbound gained new tools and possibilities.

And it became much more viable and assertive. Compared to traditional media, advertising on social networks is much cheaper, and, of course, the return is much higher, but you can’t create ads randomly and on any channel.

A digital results strategy includes planning and intelligence. Understanding personas, investing in relationship marketing and performing customer service on social networks are part of the work of any brand that wants to build a digital presence.

Below, we give you some practical tips on how to use social networks in your Outbound strategy.

Promotion Of Events And Fairs

One of the great opportunities to generate new leads for companies is participation in events, lectures, seminars and fairs.

But, to have good adherence, the public must know that the brand will be present, which is where social networks come in.

Its use expands the dissemination of these events. Creating an event page on Facebook with important information such as schedule, guests, time, and location is possible.

On LinkedIn, for example, you can create groups targeted at fairs, conferences and various events that have the credibility of the professional profile of this network. As with Facebook, groups can be open or closed, with free publications or moderated by administrators.

Advertisements for this promotion are also an excellent way to increase the event’s visibility.

Exclusive Discounts 

Several companies already use this tactic to attract new customers and retain current ones. You can, for example, exchange discounts at an establishment for check-in on Facebook or even ask the public to post a photo of the product on Instagram in exchange for advantages, such as a freebie or the discount itself.

This encourages people to share their experiences, contributing to brand awareness and generating social proof (explicit indications on networks) for the business.


Draws are highly engaged actions on social networks. And they can be made in different ways. The only concern the company needs to have is about the sweepstakes laws. 

Be careful, too, not to insert the request to “tag friends”, “like”, or “comment” in the text of the post. Facebook is penalizing this practice (AFF), so the ideal is to use formats like videos for this.


Using partnerships to unite Inbound with Outbound is very efficient. It is necessary to find complementary niches with yours so that one indicates the other and gives both customers discounts and other exclusive benefits. Indications occur in the middle off, but social networks can be used to spread the news.

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