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Robotization: The Following Scale Of Digital Transformation!

Despite being considered controversial by many, robotization continues to advance in the world. With it, several businesses have increased efficiency and reduced costs, making them more profitable.

Much is said about Digital Transformation thinking about creating websites and systems, in addition to virtual service (as in social networks).

Do you know what Digital Transformation is? Do you understand how robotics can be helpful in this scenario? In this post, you will have the answers to these questions and understand how companies have been modernizing.

Do you want to be on top of the news, to achieve better results? So, read on to find out all about the topic. Good reading!

Digital Transformation In Companies

It is common for the general public to associate Digital Transformation with companies’ acquisition of new technologies. However, this is far from being a complete truth.

As its name suggests, it is linked to a significant and profound change in how the company relates to consumers and their new demands. With this, the operation of institutions becomes utterly different from what is common today.

To transform itself, the company needs to change the entire organizational structure, relying on technology in each process. Consequently, it will become more digital, helping to democratize the use of technology — as this only happens when there is a membership.

Therefore, it is common for companies that consider adopting technologies in business processes to be seen as more modern and attractive institutions. The image that the customer has is of someone who is always thinking about the future, which is essential for brands that want to attract the consumer’s attention and show confidence.

Although Digital Transformation has been happening in the market for many years, it can no longer be avoided. The longer a company takes to carry out its changes, the greater the chances of losing space and seeing the changes happen from the box without being able to participate.

In this sense, barriers must be broken, especially cultural ones that link digital to the dangerous, the unknown, and even the difficult. Many entrepreneurs believe that they would not be able to manage the company if it had different processes, for example — and it is, in this sense it is necessary to work.

Robotization For Companies

Anyone who thinks that robots are only used in science-fiction movies is wrong. Currently, several are used to increase companies’ production and serve customers more efficiently.

Sectors such as the automotive, food, and chemical industries, as well as beverages and electronics, are the ones that most use robotization. However, any company can use it to increase the productivity of sectors.

Digital businesses, for example, can let artificial intelligence take care of part of customer service. As a result, customers are responded to more quickly, leaving the support to specialists for more complex cases that require human attention.

In a competitive market, there is a need to reduce costs in all possible processes. With this, it is possible to lower the price to the final consumer and attract even more people to consume their products and services.

Characteristics Of Robotization Applied To Business

In business, robots that can make processes more intelligent and learn from use are on the rise. Understand a little more about it.

Smart Processes

It’s hard to work with information in text, emails, messages on social networks, etc. This happens because this data needs to be structured. With this, the robot must understand which information is helpful and valuable for the institution.

That is, this machine imitates a little of the human cognitive capacity, being able to understand the language itself, which is essential to make decisions. This happens mainly through the use of the data cross-checking technique.


Companies that want to take Digital Transformation to a higher level can go to the last stage of corporate robotization. In this case, it is possible that robots learn from their own experience and can change behavior according to the new information received, adapting to increasingly complex tasks.

With this, it is possible to extrapolate the initial movement of learning, allowing the ability to integrate systems that they did not yet know, make complex reports in Big Data, interpret the linguistic content, and deal with past information.

Most of the systems used in robotics are limited to rules. This means that the robot will only do what it has been taught. No response will be given if a different environment or an unforeseen situation appears.

To understand better, you can imagine a call center that gives options from 0 to 5. If the user types 9, no action will be performed, as the systems will not understand the request.

The great advantage of this type of system is the simplicity of programming and the low cost required for the operation to be in effect, also requiring less hardware.

With cognitive systems, it is possible to leave part of the administration and execution of tasks to robots, reducing costs and increasing productivity, efficiency, and quality of actions since production errors tend to be smaller.

For now, values ​​are still expensive. But, with popularization, the tendency is for it to become cheaper and be widely used in corporate environments.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

In addition to robotization, significant trends pass through the Internet of Things. With it, Digital Transformation can be seen even more clearly by smaller companies and even at home.

From it, equipment and parts with sensors connected to the Internet can transmit information to each other, forming a large chain. This way, management becomes more efficient since the main business variables will be interconnected and communicated.

As part of robotization, systems can make decisions about business processes without human intervention. It is possible to imagine the concept linked to a fleet control system.

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