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Six Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies: Social networks have already become indispensable items in any digital marketing strategy; after all, they have tremendous power to influence followers and, of course, to communicate directly with the companies’ target audience.

But despite this, not all entrepreneurs know precisely how to use these environments correctly and end up missing opportunities to attract new customers, promote specific products and even make more sales.

Is this your case? So continue reading and see the fundamental strategy tips we brought today!

#1 Know Your Personas

Anyone who works with content or inbound marketing may already know the term “buyer personas”. These refer to fictional characters that represent a typical customer of your business.

To do this, you must use research and day-to-day observation, seeking to gather essential information such as age, location, income, level of education, preferences in terms of content, times and social media that you access most, among others.

Knowing very well who your customers and potential customers are, it is easier to define the types of posts that will be more or less interesting and engaging for these people.

For example, suppose your company wants to reach a younger audience that consumes a lot of videos online, investing in long. In that case, there are better strategies than text-based content to capture these people’s attention.

Also, remember that each social network has its characteristics, which must be respected. Those who use LinkedIn, for example, are looking for professional contacts and networking, so the content produced must follow this same line, just as on Twitter, it is necessary to think of exciting ideas and comments within 140 characters.

#2 Don’t Just Talk About Yourself 

Let’s be honest: who likes a particular company’s page to receive advertisements and institutional content? If you want people to engage with your topics and your brand, it’s important to produce interesting and informative content.

Of course, social networks are great channels for promoting your work, promotions, events and others, but this should not be the sole focus of your page.

Here, the tip is to use Pareto’s Law: 80% informative content related to your area of ​​activity and 20% institutional content.

Again, the idea of ​​content marketing and inbound marketing is valid. You don’t just want to sell your products at any cost, but you want to become close to these people, helping them in their daily lives so that they feel won over by your brands and become loyal to them.

Therefore, create informative posts and exciting videos and offer tips encouraging engagement, asking questions to be answered in the comments or encouraging your followers to share your posts, increasing your brand’s reach.

#3 Be Careful With Hashtags

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin… on all these social networks, hashtags are great ways for users to search for pages and profiles that cover topics of interest to them.

This is precisely why you must know how to use them correctly in your posts. If you want to attract people interested in yoga, for example, use simple, topic-related hashtags like #yoga, #yogalovers, #yogabeginners, #yogaclothes and so on.

Another tip is always to research which hashtags are being used most by your users and how they can be used in your campaigns. There may often be topics being talked about at the moment that relate to your sector of activity, helping you to attract more qualified audiences.

Try to avoid those hashtags that are extremely long or that don’t tell you anything related to your company. It’s also not worth “misleading” the user by using trending hashtags unrelated to your publication.

#4 Memes And Trending Topics

Those who create and think about strategies for social networks must always be aware of what happens in this universe. Almost daily, new memes and topics, top comments and posts and awareness of this is crucial.

Knowing how to properly take advantage of what is being most talked about for the reality of your business, it is possible to attract more followers and engagements and even go viral (a specific post that is highly shared).

But don’t force things or make “jokes” that may be frowned upon by certain portions of your audience. It is often better to avoid participating in a specific joke on social media than to offend your customers and create an image crisis for your business.

#5  Think About The Appropriate Channels To Promote Each Piece Of Content

Remember the first item we posted here? Understanding who makes up your target audience is essential to define which social media are more or less relevant to your business.

Suppose most of your and potential customers use Facebook, and almost none use Twitter. In that case, you need to focus your efforts and resources on Facebook (and, in some cases, you may even stop being present on other networks that are less relevant to your audience).

It’s more worthwhile to have a solid presence on the social networks relevant to your consumers than to try to be present on all of them and end up unable to handle the most relevant ones.

#6  Constantly Analyze Your Strategies

How do you know which strategies have brought results and which ones need to be revised? Which posts got the most significant return? What is the rate of return on your social media investment?

If you don’t know these answers, it’s time to analyse your metrics better. As with any digital marketing strategy, social media must be constantly monitored.

Many of them, like Facebook, have simple and accessible metrics that help you understand whether or not you are going in the right direction. You can also do A/B tests to define the best posting times and appropriate content formats.

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