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The 6 Best Tips On How To Create Content For LinkedIn

Creating content for LinkedIn is essential to promote a personal and professional profile on the platform. Follow the article and learn how to stand out on the internet efficiently.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, present in 200 countries and with more than 850 million users. Launched in 2003, the platform is a reference when it comes to networking between professionals from different areas. 

On the network, users share experiences, exchange recommendations, and look for new opportunities in the market.

This is where content production for LinkedIn becomes a vital activity both to enhance personal profiles and those of companies looking for qualified employees.

Why Produce Content For LinkedIn?

In addition to the more than 850 million users on the network, LinkedIn has 58 million registered companies. These numbers show the reach that the network has and give a taste of what the content creator can achieve.

Through valuable content, a professional or company is able to market itself to people with a profile interested in finding out more about them. 

This is because, on LinkedIn, people are actively looking for new opportunities and are open to getting to know their connections better.

For professionals, it’s a great space to showcase your knowledge and contribute articles, rich materials, and opinions about your area of ​​expertise. For companies, it is the ideal place to find new candidates for vacancies.

Content Production Tips For LinkedIn

Each social network has a specific audience, so it is necessary to produce content that speaks to the person who is consuming it. 

From this, it is possible to write engagingly and assertively. Check out the main tips for content and boost your profile:

Create Valuable Content

Value content is a production that responds to a pain that the persona has. For example, a student who is looking for an internship opportunity looks for content that talks about that.

To create good content for LinkedIn, you need to remember that the network is a professional platform, so publications that go outside this sphere are not recommended. 

Therefore, focus on sharing materials that match the market and leave day-to-day updates to other social networks.

Have A Publishing Calendar

A well-defined publication cadence is a strong ally of the algorithm, and creating an editorial calendar helps a lot to gain more readers. 

To do this, it is worth using tools like Trello or Notion to view the agendas more easily and organized. Furthermore, it is worth defining specific days and times to publish new content.

Produce In Different Formats

Publishing content in different formats is a way to ensure that users interact more. Therefore, make good use of videos, polls, and articles to offer content that is easier to read. 

To identify readers’ favorite type of format, observe which publications have already had the highest number of comments, likes, and shares. This way, it can focus on delivering precisely what the public wants.

Make Good Recommendations

LinkedIn is the ideal network for sharing experiences and making recommendations to followers. This is because it is an audience with a profile that seeks innovations and new developments in the market. 

Therefore, it is worth creating publications that talk about materials such as:

  • Articles;
  • Books;
  • Courses;
  • Profiles of other users.
  • Interact 

Interaction is the key to success on any social network. This shows the algorithm that the profile is active and boosts the posts so that more people see it.

To instigate more comments, shares, and likes, use copywriting as an ally. Add questions to the end of posts and reply to comments to continue a conversation with the user. 

Additionally, it is essential to produce shareable content. In other words, valuable publications with good images, clear and cohesive texts, reliable sources, and relevant information. 

Use The Platform’s Functions

LinkedIn offers numerous resources that should be explored when producing content. We have already mentioned the possibilities of different publication formats, such as image, video, text, etc.

For content creators, the platform has a Creation Mode option, which allows the use of hashtags, interests to be discovered, and the possibility for users to follow the account.

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