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LinkedIn: How To Use It To Attract Customers?

LinkedIn is a social network on the rise. With more than 560 million users in 200 countries, it is among the most important today.

And it has also become the leading virtual platform for professionals. With this tool, recruiters have been looking for profiles to fill company vacancies. However, many brands create strategies to attract customers on LinkedIn as well.

Companies often use it to position the brand on a corporate social network. This highlights the employer brand and conveys the company culture to attract top talent and professionals. Many need to learn that, through LinkedIn, it is also possible to conquer your audience.

What Is LinkedIn?

Created in 2003, LinkedIn’s differential focuses on the professional aspect of user profiles. Some say that LinkedIn profiles are the new resumes. But the truth is that it’s been a while since it stopped being just a website to update career experiences.

The social network started with essential functions to increase its users’ professional networking. As its base grew, however, the platform acquired other features. And these new features made it a version of other social networks, albeit focused on business.

Do you know what social media is all about, suitable? Therefore, we have separated some actions that your company cannot fail to carry out on the platform to achieve the following objectives :

  • Create an important marketing channel.
  • Attract customers on LinkedIn.
  • Generate leads.
  • Increase sales.

How To Attract Customers On LinkedIn?

Have A Company Page

Company pages allow the company to build an audience on the social network. This contributes a lot to the reach of publications and messages. Thus, by getting likes and shares of the posts, your company will attract customers on LinkedIn.

It’s nice to publish all your new blog posts on this social network:

  • New eBooks.
  • Materials are rich in relevant content.
  • Eventually, indications of other vehicles may also interest your audience.

Depending on the size of your business, publishing once a day is a good frequency.

Publish Strategic Content On Your LinkedIn

It would help if you created a content publishing strategy there. It’s worth starting by sharing your publications with attractive headlines. Always direct them to the profile of the audience you want to reach to attract more customers on LinkedIn.

Adding media to your profile can help a lot with this. Share graphics, videos, and even fancy slideshows that were created in-house. This can be beautiful content that will give credibility to your page.

Use Keywords In Your Profile 

Using the right keywords, you can attract entrepreneurs and professionals in your area of ​​interest. And this is an audience that can also create a business with your company.

Remember The Hashtags

Incorporating hashtags into your marketing strategies increases the reach of your posts. Know that this facilitates the search for content related to your niche. So bet on them!

Pay Attention To Notifications

One of the advantages of LinkedIn is that it shows you multiple notifications from people in your network. By activating alarms, you find out, for example, when someone has a birthday, changed jobs or companies, etc. In this way, you create more proximity to your audience to attract customers on LinkedIn.

Remember that maxim when viewing one of these notifications: those not seen are not remembered. So, prepare a message and congratulate your contact on the new achievement!

Join Groups

A thoughtful way to attract customers on LinkedIn is to gain a reputation on the platform. This can be achieved by participating in groups. In them, you can answer questions and offer valuable information to other members so that they see you as an authority in your segment.

LinkedIn Premium 

The subscription version of LinkedIn makes your profile more visible. And it allows you to send messages to contacts with whom you have no connection. In addition, it is possible to have more visibility in your account with more complete data and statistics.

Not to mention third-party plugins and tools – aimed at helping sellers boost their commercial network strategies.

Today, LinkedIn is a fundamental tool for positioning yourself in the job market, whether as a professional or a company. The most important thing is to know what content to publish and what makes sense on this social network. And always remember that it is a place to create connections and network.

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