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The Importance Of Asana In Project Management

Asana is a project management tool. And it is used by companies from different segments. The great benefit of this platform is the possibility of optimizing processes, organizing activities through deadlines and responsibilities, generating more agility for workflows and increasing productivity in the day-to-day of teams.

About Asana

With asana, teams have more confidence, move faster and accomplish more with less effort, regardless of location or the number of departments involved. More than 119,000 paying customers and millions of free organizations in 190 countries use it to manage everything from company goals and digital transformations to product launches and marketing campaigns.

It’s time to take the work out of disjointed spreadsheets and the email inbox and empower teams to collaborate and communicate more effectively. With Asana, it doesn’t matter how many different teams or departments are working on a project — they can share context and assign responsibility with tasks, combine related work, share files, get instant updates, and build effective cross-sector workflows.

In Asana, you can easily track the status of your initiatives and see precisely how you’re progressing toward your goals. Create project progress reports in minutes and accurate time to create visibility for teams and critical stakeholders.

How Does Asana Work?

This platform aimed at organizing online teams has versions available for desktop and mobile, and the applications work for Android and iOS.

This type of resource is of great importance for companies that are adept at hybrid work and also allows home office professionals to be more organized to:

  • Coordinate work;
  • Make comments on team tasks;
  • Manage different projects;
  • Make status updates;
  • Control and manage day-to-day tasks;
  • List priorities.

In Asana, you can invite other team members to groups, split activities, and set deadlines for each project. This way, the entire team can stay aligned to achieve the best results and grow the business.

Another positive point is the function that allows choosing the best way of viewing each demand. Customization can be done according to the user’s interest and needs: through boards, lists, schedules and calendars.

Remember that you can also attach files from your computer, add links, create forms, define rules, recreate old projects and much more.

In short: Asana is a platform designed to manage teamwork seamlessly. In this context, it ensures better communication and coordination within companies.

Discover Ten Benefits Of Asana For Your Work:

  1. Create automated processes and workflow to coordinate teams.
  2. Create schedules to improve team organization and project progress.
  3. Use a shared calendar to view teamwork in a unified way.
  4. Integrate several applications to support the team in their work routine.
  5. Generate reports and monitor the evolution of projects.
  6. Set strategic goals and monitor each project’s progress.
  7. Submit and manage forms related to work requests.
  8. Automate the workflow to reduce errors and optimize teams’ time.
  9. Manage the team’s workload in the company’s various projects.
  10. Sync your work across computers and mobile devices in real-time.

Is It Worth Using Asana For Remote Work?

If you want an increasingly integrated work team to work with excellence in remote work, Asana is an excellent option, in addition to being one of the complete software today.

And you can rest easy because Asana is compatible with today’s main platforms used for the home office, including:

  • Dropbox;
  • Google Drive;
  • Slack;
  • Outlook;
  • One Drive;
  • Microsoft Teams;
  • Zoom;
  • Between others.

Key Benefits Of Asana

– Use My Tasks to plan your day with a priority list.

– Organize work your way and view projects as lists or Kanban boards. Use the timeline view to see how each part of your project fits together to meet deadlines.

– Streamline processes, make sure your team gets all the essential steps, and get more value in less time with automation.

– Share the same task across multiple projects to avoid duplication of effort, maximize team efficiency, and strengthen cross-stakeholder collaboration.

– Comment directly on tasks and clarify precisely what needs to be done. Mention teammates or other work in Asana to keep everyone and everything connected.

– Create project progress reports in a matter of minutes with data updated in real-time.

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