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Tibco Presents Cloud-Native Solutions Based On Artificial Intelligence

Tibco Presents Software has introduced new products, features, and integration functions that make agile innovations so easy. The improvements to the Tibco Connected Intelligence platform enable even shorter response times. This enables users to innovate faster and more sustainably and convert their ideas and investments into business added value more efficiently. The functionality can be used profitably in a wide variety of scenarios by allowing companies to concentrate on their added value and their pace of innovation. The API management software Tibco Cloud Masher and a whole range of cloud-native technologies offer first-class user support for native deployments in public and private clouds and on-premises.

Tibco Presents Integrated Cloud-Native Technologies

In line with this cloud-first and cloud-native approach, Tibco is now making the Masher Local Developer Portal available as a fully cloud-native deployment, supporting both private cloud and on-premise models. With this step, users can switch to cloud-native architecture platforms such as Kubernetes even more easily. Companies struggling with the increasing complexity of legally compliant metadata management can take part in the beta program for Tibco Cloud Metadata, a new cloud-native service for managing metadata in companies based on Tibco EBX and completely on the Connected Intelligence Cloud platform.

Tibco Presents “At a time when digital connectivity is becoming the norm, our customers are facing a real explosion of data that is mostly unstructured and highly complex,”. “Most companies are not yet using the potential of this data to make critical decisions and to back them up with facts. They could have done this long ago because fundamental technologies such as the cloud, flexible, open platforms, and AI can be used to convert data into innovations and effective action. Our vision for these companies is to use Tibco as their data foundation to interact with and use their data seamlessly. “

Messaging Components Integrated Into Apache Kafka

Because users are increasingly using open-source programs and software sharing in addition to proprietary commercial applications and tools, Tibco is increasingly incorporating open source components into its product mix. The Messaging Manager 1.0.0 with the comprehensive Apache Kafka Management Toolkit offers an intelligent, predictive command line with automatic completion that simplifies the setup and management of Apache Kafka.

With their common management plug-in and interface, the Tibco messaging components simplify ongoing integration and deployment tasks. The Messaging Manager extends Tibco’s 24/7 support for Apache Kafka and enables users of the Connected Intelligence Cloud platform to benefit from the innovative Kafka functions for integration, event processing, and real-time messaging with historical context.

IoT-Based Machine-To-Machine Communication

In addition, Tibco now also supports IoT-based machine-to-machine communication via the OPC Foundation Unified Architecture in the Tibco streaming software. As part of its commitment to the open-source project Flog, the provider also announces the Project Flog Streaming User Interface. This is embedded in existing solutions and enables developers to create resource-efficient, smarter apps for real-time processing of streaming data at the edge or in the cloud, thereby improving the productivity of IT expert resources. Last but not least, Tibco is underpinning its commitment to the open-source community by publishing Catalyst. This open-source specification can record data transformations and process ML artifacts in real-time applications with high throughput.

Tibco Continues To Develop Solutions Based On Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the basis for the further development of the entire Tibco portfolio because only with AI can real innovation arise. It has never been easier to deploy ML-based models and couple them with data feeds to make faster and smarter real-time decisions. With this in mind, the developers included artificial intelligence as a core capacity in their products from the start. An example of this approach is the Atom extension for the data science software, enabling the rapid development and selection of AI workflows using Tibco Labs. In addition, new functions for process mining make it possible to read process behavior from event logs and optimize and predict it.

Further measures to strengthen the AI ​​foundation include an interactive AI function in Tibco Spotfire and calling runner programs from Spotfire to test data science models. The innovation package is rounded off by streaming data science functionality within the new Intelligent Equipment Accelerator, which can call up ML models for real-time streaming data. 

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