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Web Hosting Comparison: The Best Providers At A Glance

Web Hosting Comparison: To build your website, you need web hosting. Since it is easy to lose track of the large selection of web hosts, we will introduce you to the five best providers. Web hosting provides storage space for websites to be published on the Internet. Providers use their servers for this, which are online around the clock. This ensures that a website can be reached at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Web Hosting Comparison: How Do Web Hosting Providers Differ?

If you want to compare the different providers with each other, you should pay attention to these factors:

  • Storage Space:  The required storage space depends individually on your project. For example, if you plan a larger project with large files and extensive databases, you should decide on sufficient storage space.
  • Security:  SSL certificates are standard on websites. Some browsers directly mark websites as unsafe without encryption and a certificate. Therefore, at least one free SSL certificate is included in many packages.
  • Construction Kit Systems: It can make sense, especially for beginners, to create the website with the help of a website construction kit. Many providers have combined offers to book web hosting and website builder together.
  • Support: At what times is customer support available? The website often falls outside of regular working hours. Therefore, it is useful to have customer support available around the clock.
  • Cost: How expensive are the monthly costs? The quoted prices are usually scaled down to the monthly costs and only apply if you opt for an annual contract. Should you opt for monthly billing, the costs are usually higher.

Based on these criteria, we compare five web hosting providers for you.

The Best Web Hosting Provider In Comparison

The selection of web hosting providers is now so large that you can quickly lose track of them. Beginners, in particular, do not know at the beginning which provider to choose. But even for experienced customers, a regular comparison is worthwhile to find the best tariff. That’s why we’re introducing you to five web hosting providers.


The web hosting offer from IONOS comprises three different packages. The smallest package starts at just one euro per month, with all packages having a setup fee of 15 euros. Due to the versatility, both beginners and professi+onal entrepreneurs can find a suitable package.

The web space has a capacity of between 50 and 500 GB of storage space per package. All offers include unlimited traffic, email inboxes, and at least one free domain in the contract’s first year.


STRATO offers five different packages for web hosting, which vary in terms of scope of services and costs. The smallest package starts at the cost of one euro per month.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a package between 15 and 240 GB of web space. One of the advantages of STRATO is the packet-independent, unlimited traffic. In addition, a large number of inclusive features are included in each package. Among other things, the email inboxes and a certain number of domains are included.


Customers have a total of four different packages to choose from with All-Inkl. The storage space varies between 50 and 500 GB, and unlimited traffic is available. The smallest package starts with a monthly fee. Regardless of the package, there is no setup fee.

With rising costs, the scope of services also increases. For example, there are fewer customers per server, which means more computing power is available. The number of domains, subdomains, and email inboxes is also increasing.


Contabo offers four different web hosting tariffs. The smallest package starts at 2.99 euros per month. All packages are with no setup fee. Customers have 10 to 60 GB of storage space available depending on the tariff chosen. In addition, unlimited traffic is included in all packages.

Depending on the selected package, the features also differ. However, an email and domain are included in all packages.


The web has four different web hosting plans on offer. The monthly prices start with the smallest tariff from 7.95 euros per month. The storage space is 25 to 500 GB, depending on the package.

Each package includes a different number of domains and email addresses. Additional features, such as SSL certificates, are not included in every package.

Conclusion: The Right Web Hosting Provider Combines All Factors

Finding the right provider can be a bit of a challenge. Therefore, please pay attention to our factors and our comparison to find the right provider for your project.

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