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Companies Achieve Higher Data Security Through Cloud Services

Is the data in the cloud insecure? the provider’s data center offers more data security than the IT of a small or medium-sized company. “Some IT managers say: ‘Cloud computing won’t come into my house!'”. “But his employees have long been using Dropbox and” And those are cloud services. This shadow IT can be prevented by a company developing and implementing a cloud strategy right from the start, especially concerning data security.

The IT managers have yet to recognize this necessity. The Exertion analyst Carlo Velden advises urgently: “Against the background of general networking, companies have to readjust their IT security strategy.” Protection can be achieved, for example, by increasing the hurdles that surround a company’s wealth of information. The cloud provider and network specialist Interbout, for example, uses a technology that 90% of all European companies use in their corporate networks.

Access to the data in the data center is logically separated from other systems in the network. “We also offer our customers the option of backing up their data internally or in one of our data centers via the Interbout Virtual Data Centre,” adds Interbout CTO Matthew Finnie. “This gives you total control over your data because only you can move it or delete it completely.”

Additional Backup Of Company Data Security In The Cloud

Continuous data backup is a matter of course for many companies because this is the only way to meet legal requirements concerning protecting personal data and business transactions. But IT systems can fail. What then happens to the data? “Additional data backup in the cloud as protection in the event of a disaster is an important application scenario for online backup.” In the event of a complete failure or damage to the physical environment, authorized persons can easily access their backup files of data and systems. Such online backups from the cloud are enjoying growing popularity.

More often than setting up the cloud in-house, medium-sized companies, in particular, prefer to entrust an external service provider, a host such as IBM, HP, or Perronet NDH, with the operation of their cloud. Firstly, this is faster and cheaper. Secondly, the hosted has the know-how, infrastructure capacity, and security measures a medium-sized company would otherwise have to invest large sums. To concentrate on its core business, the company only needs the service, not the entire cloud.

Companies Should Pay Attention To Certified Service Providers

“Such a service provider should be certified.” However, so that all providers can implement and prove this high quality of service, Euro Cloud has been offering them certification options and the acquisition of a certificate such as the Euro Cloud Star since 2011.

However, Steve Durbin, Global Vice President of the manufacturer-independent Information Security Forum (ISF), warns against “inadequate security precautions and processes on the part of the cloud provider.” “Insufficiently secured servers enable attacks that can spread from individual virtual servers to other servers in the same cloud and thus spread malware within the entire cloud very quickly.”

“Companies should gain a better understanding of the nature of the cloud environment.” This overview manifested itself in a strong identity and access management and continued validity of the security measures used.

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