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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Great App?


A great app has many benefits for consumers, as well as tech professionals.

This type of platform offers an optimal and simplified user experience. Users find all the services meeting their needs in a single program. They thus avoid multiple downloads and optimize their storage space.

The companies that provide these solutions benefit on several levels:

They benefit from a large community of users and limit the risks of failure linked to new product launches.

They attract new consumers and retain them more easily.

They attract the interest of more investors and potential partners.

They reduce development costs.

They increase their turnover.

Integrating several services into a super app allows the company to save time on various operations. As it already benefits from a large community, it will be easier for it to feature its application. For the designer, this involves improving the positioning of his application on download platforms by implementing various means. The company has some notoriety, which gives it a competitive advantage when it launches a new feature.


However, the super application format has limitations, particularly in terms of security and data protection. This is a major concern for consumers and people attracted to these services. Owners must, therefore, attach great importance to preventing hacking risks and threats to ensure the security of their users’ data.

In addition to protecting personal information and consumer rights, European legislators also care about competition conditions.

Building a great app is challenging and requires strong technical skills. The challenge will be to create an accessible, clear, and fluid interface in order to offer the best possible user experience.

Finally, referencing a super app can be tricky for a company launching into the market. ASO, or app store optimization, is defined as all the processes aimed at improving the positioning of an application on download platforms. One of the best practices is to create an application for a specific need, but the super app meets several needs.

5 Examples Of Great Apps







Originally, WeChat was just a simple text messaging app. Today, it offers multiple services, which make it the most widespread super app in China. Users use it on a daily basis to do their shopping, order food delivery, make medical appointments, etc.

WeChat, however, has its limits regarding the protection of user data and its conditions of use in certain countries.


Alipay is a great app of Asian origin. In addition to its primary function as a payment solution, the platform offers numerous features. It allows you to book trips, make payments, and access promotional offers. Alipay partner companies benefit from multiple services to increase their visibility. They can send app push notifications to users in their geographic area and create advertising campaigns.


Born in Europe, Revolut is a super app specializing in financial services, recognized and used worldwide. It provides several services and tools, such as budget management, savings, transactions, and investment solutions.


Grab offers a wide variety of solutions to its users: reservation, purchase of products and services online, vehicle rental, food delivery, etc. This Asian application continues its development in several Southeast Asian countries.


Careem is initially a taxi-sharing application based in Dubai. Today, this super app offers multiple services, such as car rental, carpooling, bike sharing, and taxis. Users also use it for meal delivery and to make payments. This platform covers a dozen countries in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.

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Regarding purchases and reservations, the service offerings are very diverse. The same super app can be used to book accommodation, have meals delivered, or buy products online. The Uber platform offers a varied range of services to consumers in the fields of transport and food.

Paypal, a super application specializing in financial services, allows users to perform several common operations:

Online payments.

Money transfers between individuals.

Free installments, etc.

The platform expands its offering by providing other services: ordering takeaway meals, various subscriptions, etc.

Many tech giants are banking on the super app concept to attract more users and retain them. This is the case of Snapchat, which today offers multiple functionalities in addition to sharing photos and videos. The platform integrates games, messaging, brand editorial content, etc. Likewise, Spotify is improving its application by adding several services for users and artists.

Other large companies are opting for a different approach, such as Facebook and Amazon, which are merging their services. The Facebook application includes payment functions (Meta Pay), buying and selling (Marketplace), a meeting space (Facebook dating), etc. Amazon is merging its streaming, gaming, and shopping apps into a single interface. Conversely, the giants Google and Apple rely on distinct applications and offer an application for each need.

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