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What Is A Super App?

Super apps are technologies that are still in the development phase, promising practical benefits and richer experiences.

To Sum Up :

Super apps can provide users with a more user-friendly and enriching experience.

They are designed to serve as platforms that allow users to personalize their experience through mini-applications.

Businesses are turning to super apps to gain a competitive advantage.

A super-app (which can also be referred to as a “super-app” and “super-app”) is like a Swiss army knife with many tools that perform one function; only new tools (mini-apps) can be used and removed depending on the user’s needs. They are built on platforms that provide many commonly used application services, such as messaging and payment functions. Super app users can create personalized user experiences by selecting and installing mini-apps of their choice (focused on performing a single task).

The super-app concept is expanding to include enterprise mobiles and desktop experiences, such as workflow, collaboration, and messaging platforms. Super apps will eventually include chatbots, Internet of Things technologies, and immersive experiences like the Metaverse.

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How Super Apps Work

Users access a series of distinct services through an ecosystem for which internal development teams and external partners design and deploy modular micro-applications for the super-app. This ecosystem of providers also increases the potential of the super app by providing convenient access to a wider range of services within the app.

A number of technology companies already provide tools and platforms that help software engineers create super apps.

Here are some examples :

Platform as a Service (PaaS) vendors who provide a cloud platform solution;

Front-end structures allowing the deployment of mini-apps in web and mobile applications;

Multiple experience development platforms;

Application platforms with schematic programming (low-code);

Development service providers

Users can personalize their experience by selecting the mini-app from the super-app they want to use when they need it directly. Data is shared and includes simple user authentication, such as single sign-on (SSO) and tracking user preferences or application usage.

How Are Super Apps Used?

They are often created so that customers can consolidate the services, features, and functions of several mobile applications into one, for example, financial services. Software engineering managers also create super apps to provide a more engaging experience for their employees. These super apps can provide economies of scale and leverage the benefits of a larger user base and multiple mini-app development teams. More importantly, they can improve the usability of user experiences by allowing them to call upon their toolkits of mini-apps and services.

Possible Obstacles 

Creating a business ecosystem can be a bigger challenge than implementing the technology. 

Each user prefers to interact with applications in their way. Therefore, developing a super-app adapted to specific users, as well as ensuring a certain consistency between the mini-applications published on the super-app, can have an impact on adoption and retention rates.

How Does A Super App Work?

A super app works by centralizing different mini-applications in a single program. The platform’s operating system makes it possible to manage and perform the operations of each component.

Concretely, a super application provides users with several services intended to meet various needs. This could include making a purchase, renting a vehicle, sending a message, or ordering a meal. The consumer will, therefore, not have to download several applications or go to different sites to carry out all these operations. All they need to do is access the corresponding service offered by the super app.

To be considered a super application, the platform must integrate various features such as:

Services for making online purchases, orders, or reservations.

Banking services allow you to carry out everyday transactions such as payments or transfers.

Health services such as booking an appointment with a doctor online, tracking tools, etc.

Varied entertainment, such as a catalog of streaming videos and music or video games.

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