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What Is WFH, And How Does It Work In Everyday Life?

WFH: It is not today that labor relations have been changing all over the world. Mainly because of the internet, new employee-company relationships are being created.

As there is no longer such a great need for the employee’s physical presence within organizations, remote work and Work From Home, for example, have been disseminated more and more, mainly in positions such as call center attendants and programmers, among others, carried out exclusively online.

Do you want to know how labor relations are in this case? Follow the article.

What Is Work From Home (WFH)?

Work From Home means working from Home. That is, functions that do not require a physical presence in the company can be performed from the worker’s Home.

The legislation even ensures that an employee at WFH has the same rights as those who work within the company. The CLT regulates this modality.

How Does Work From Home Work?

At WFH, there must be a contract between the parties dealing with the equipment supplied by the companies and mutual responsibilities, such as internet, energy, and telephone expenses. 

Another issue is that of benefits. Except for the transportation voucher, all other benefits must be granted to these employees.

Care For Work From Home To Work

For Work From Home to work, the employee and the company must be aware of their responsibilities.

Holding frequent virtual meetings to plan activities is a good thing to do. It is also necessary that this employee has goals and objectives aligned with the company. 

Thus, constant dialogue and feedback are fundamental, even if it occurs virtually. There is nothing to stop the Work From Home method from working.

On the contrary, it is beneficial both for the company, which can reduce costs with facilities and for the employee, who can produce more and better in a more comfortable way and without the need to travel in the chaotic traffic of today’s cities.

Differences Between Work From Home In The Home Office

WFH and home office are synonymous. However, the home office is generally used for self-employed employees and those linked to certain companies. On the other hand, Work From Home has a more specific meaning, being used more in cases where companies and workers have a CLT contract.

Working from a home office is already routine for many professionals, who have become accustomed to sharing their Home and office space. Many people, however, still believe that working in a space completely different from their Home is the best way to produce.

Key Features Of Working From The Home Office

When working professionally in a home office, people are close to their family, television, refrigerator, and household chores. These characteristics can be good and bad, depending on how each person deals with them.

An example: a person can always open the fridge and get treats to snack on during the day. Or she can eat healthier, as she won’t need to eat anything on the street – often with few options.

The issue of family close by can also be a stressor or harmony factor. If the person cannot dedicate time to work and the family interrupts this process, the atmosphere can become very heavy.

However, if she can take scheduled breaks to pay attention to her children, for example, she will be able to get around this situation and be even closer to her loved ones.

How To Improve Productivity At The Home Office?

Make Your Usual Schedule

Did you used to work from 8 am to 12 pm, take an hour and a half break for lunch, and work from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm? Do the same at the home office! Keep the habits you used to have within your company to establish a routine, and leave the office environment at the end of the day. 

Dress Up For Work

Put on an outfit as if you were going to leave the house for work. This improves productivity in the home office simply because you feel more awake than if you were in your pajamas, for example.

Plan Your Day

Planning is one of the main issues when working from a home office. Plan your month, your week, and each day. Many companies do this with their employees, but if your company still needs this methodology, do it yourself. Knowing exactly what needs to be done throughout the day increases your focus.

Keep The Environment Clean

It doesn’t matter if your office is in an environment apart from your Home or at the table in the living room. Always keep it clean and, if possible, ventilated. It makes the quality of work better.

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