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WhatsApp Marketing: 5 Advantages Of Running Campaigns

WhatsApp Marketing: WhatsApp has become an indispensable tool in digital communication, whether for individuals or, above all, for companies.

After all, the application is the main means of contact to make calls and even offer promotions. So, learn more about WhatsApp marketing and discover the five advantages of running campaigns on the app.

WhatsApp Marketing, as the name suggests, is a marketing strategy that uses WhatsApp as a communication and interaction channel with customers. In this way, your team takes an approach to gain more engagement and convert leads and potential consumers.

Using WhatsApp Marketing, you can perform some actions, such as sending personalized messages, offering products and services, support, and after-sales. In addition, communication can be done individually or in a group with your company’s customers. To make it easier, check out some examples of how to do WhatsApp marketing. 

Examples Of WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

The use of WhatsApp marketing campaigns can follow several paths. Here are some types of actions you can take using this strategy.

  • Offers and promotions: it is possible to send exclusive offers, discount coupons, or launch special promotions through WhatsApp, encouraging customers to purchase.
  • Events and webinars: send invitations, reminders, and relevant information about events, webinars, or workshops held by your company. This way, you can keep customers engaged.
  • Surveys and feedback: one of the best ways is to use the app for after-sales actions, whether with satisfaction surveys, feedback, and customer opinions. This collection lets you understand expectations and improve your products and services.
  • Launches and news: you can send updates on products, services, launches, and relevant news about the market and your brand.

To get great results, ideally, you have a robust platform. After all, with this tool, it will be possible to develop campaigns with more fluidity and organization.

5 Advantages Of Doing WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns Through A Specialized Platform

As we said, using a specialized platform for your WhatsApp Marketing campaigns brings several advantages. Check out the main ones.

  • Agility: you can link Lead Ad campaigns to a chatbot conversation flow, automating processes and offering users a convenient, personalized contact.
  • Scalability: it is possible to send mass message campaigns to reach several contacts quickly, saving time and optimizing work.
  • Organization: with a good tool, you can keep the history of conversations and organize several channels in the same panel, simplifying management and speeding up customer service.
  • Personalization: through integrations via API, it is possible to create nominal and segmented campaigns according to the profile of each customer, increasing the relevance and personalization of messages, which will improve the conversion rate.
  • Security: having a platform with official integration via API reduces the risk of banning because it has the official seal, offers campaign levels, and practices are adopted in compliance with WhatsApp policies.

It is important to note that all these benefits brought by WhatsApp marketing will only be effective if your team can respond to all messages, after all, with marketing 5.0 being more and more in force, using chatbots.

Not to mention the security, stability, and centralization of your channels on a single screen. Enjoy all the benefits of using WhatsApp Marketing strategy safely and automatically in your company’s day-to-day. 

What Is WhatsApp Business API?

First, we explain that the WhatsApp Business API is an essential tool for medium and large companies seeking to improve customer service and relationships. Thus, with advanced features such as contact automation and chatbots, this platform offers an effective and agile way to communicate with thousands of people.

Furthermore, contact automation is one of the main benefits of WhatsApp Business API. With the use of chatbots, companies optimize the exchange of messages, reduce errors and ensure more assertive communication with customers. Bots allow you to answer frequently asked questions, provide important information and even make sales, all in an automated and personalized way.

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