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WhatsApp Business And The Best Strategies For Your Business

WhatsApp Business: Searching for alternatives that make it possible to work and sell via WhatsApp can be a huge differentiator for small, medium, and large companies.

After all, who wants to be absent in an application with over a billion active users worldwide? The appearance of WhatsApp Business brought all the benefits that the traditional application already offered its users but with some improvements allowing it to offer a quality service to all its customers.

Today, besides sharing written messages, audio, and photos, the Business version allows you to create a business profile, make sales, automate messages, create labels for contacts, and much more.    

WhatsApp has been widely used by small, medium, and large companies to attract new customers. The tool can be integrated with the website, social networks, and e-mail, facilitating a campaign’s conversion and sales flow.  

The Platform offers great potential to bring customers closer together and numerous other advantages, such as gains in team productivity. 

When we talk about WhatsApp Business, the app also allows access to a significant amount of data, which can be measured and used in commercial management, such as the volume of calls per day, the speed of the first contact, and the average response time. 

Furthermore, the messages are an instant record of the trades. For this reason, selling through WhatsApp Business is a huge advantage.

Tips On How To Sell via WhatsApp Business

To have WhatsApp as a sales channel in the company, you need to follow some tips and start with everything!

Integrate Your CRM With WhatsApp

Integrating the app with a CRM like Dynamics 365 is essential to have control over negotiations, monitor metrics and have it as a functional sales channel. Otherwise, you’ll have more work to manage this operation. 

WhatsApp can only be within this structure if all your control is done via CRM. In addition, if you are a Dynamics 365 user, the integration between the two platforms allows you to optimize time and have more agility in business, increasing NQL, better management of the sales process, and benefits for other departments.

Have Service Metrics

For you to measure the success of WhatsApp, it is very important to define indicators and thus keep it as an official and permanent sales channel. With this, you can evaluate the gains you brought to the operation, comparing it with your company’s other means of contact. 

 WhatsApp can speed up processes and improve points such as: 

  • Time of first contact; 
  • Duration of the Trading; 
  • Duration of each step. 

In this way, implementing the Platform can generate numerous results, such as increased productivity of the commercial team and, consequently, the conversion of a greater number of customers.

Train The Team For The New Channel 

Good training is important so that your team knows how to navigate the Platform well and understand what tone of voice to follow with the customer since it is not advisable to maintain the same type of communication used in emails or calls, for example. 

That’s because the proposal of WhatsApp Business is precisely to bring the customer closer to a more humane service.

Therefore, be careful not to robotize the service with plastered itineraries and a “square” service since the Platform’s proposal is to bring contact and facilitate communication! 

Solutions That Can Help You Sell via WhatsApp 

Now that you’ve seen some tips on how to sell via WhatsApp Business, we can help you find the best solutions for using the Platform within your company. 

A very important point we already mentioned is the necessary care with all the data shared within the Platform.

Therefore, one of the first steps to be taken when implementing WhatsApp Business in your company is to discuss which form of security will comply with LGPD standards.

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