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6 Tips On How To Get Followers On Instagram

Followers On Instagram: To give you an idea, there are more than 1 billion active users (who use the social network at least once a month) worldwide.

Therefore, getting followers on Instagram does not seem difficult, but is your profile relevant to a good audience? Having a relevant profile on Instagram takes time and effort, but it’s worth it — think of the entrepreneurs who achieved good results in the digital market with the app. Check out 6 tips to gain followers on the social network now!

Is It Worth Buying Instagram Followers?

No way. Purchased profiles are usually fake and add nothing to your business. In addition, what makes a profile get followers on Instagram is engagement, that is, your audience’s activity with the content. The more the follower likes, shares, comments and saves your post, the more reach it gains.

Buy Followers X Paid Ads

However, it would help if you remembered that buying followers differ from boosting or creating an Instagram ad. At first, the profile owner pays a company an amount and, in exchange, drives several profiles to follow him. The higher the value, the more fake followers the profile gets.

Paid advertising is a legitimate way to get followers on Instagram. To do this, the owner creates an audience profile that he wants to reach, prepares the ad on the Facebook platform, the objective (getting followers or taking it to the website, for example) and boosts it. The rule is the same: the higher the amount paid, the greater the range of followers on Instagram.

How to get Instagram followers organically? Check out 6 tips for your business to increase the number of followers on Instagram without investing in paid ads:

Create An Audience Profile

You’ve probably heard that those who sell to everyone don’t sell to anyone. This rule also serves to reach followers on Instagram — after all, a shopkeeper’s intention is to increase the number of consumers or, at least, the average ticket. Therefore, more than increasing the number, investing in the right audience is necessary.

Suppose businesses used to work with a target audience today. In that case, anyone aware of digital marketing strategies knows how investing in a persona, the archetype of your ideal client, makes a difference.

Create A Visual Identity For Your Instagram

Just like the persona, visual identity is important for gaining Instagram followers and talking to the right customer in the right way.

The visual identity must convey the image you, the shopkeeper, want for your company. This is key to branding it in the customer’s mind. In addition, it guides everything that involves the store — from the type of product to the tone of voice used to talk to the consumer.

The cool thing is that the visual identity is also based on your persona, so one strategy talks to the other.

Some simple tips:

  • Work with an experienced designer: he will do good research on your store and draw up a briefing consistent with your wishes;
  • Always use the same filter on photos: many followers on Instagram like to view the profile to check the posts they missed. Using the same filter will make the feed more organized and homogeneous;
  • Use the color palette on your profile: the filter, images, highlights, stories and other resources must follow it to maintain the idea of ​​organization;
  • Highlight the product: it is the most important factor in a store, but it needs to be well explored. Make it the highlight of your images.

Create Content

You only get followers on Instagram with relevant content. The concept of “material” can be subjective when you are an individual. But shopkeepers cannot rely on luck alone. You have to worry about offering the best and most useful to your followers.

What type of product do you sell? For example, if your store sells clothes, you can give styling tips, talk about accessories, show off the season’s trends, Instagram and television fads, popular character styles, and much more. Also, have a content calendar to get an idea of ​​what subject you want to discuss each day.

Don’t Give Up The Videos

Videos are extremely important resources for Instagram – so much so that the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, recently said that the social network is no longer just a photo app and intends to focus more on video and entertainment content.

With videos of a maximum of 60 seconds, users give tips, make reactions (reactions to other videos), make tutorials, humor videos and challenges (challenges).

A business profile can also have a video or another with a humorous touch or showing some trend, but the most important thing is that the content is relevant. 

Stories Are Essential

Continuing with the video theme, do not hesitate to explore the stories, which can also serve as a catalog for your e-commerce. In addition to the news, you can explore the day-to-day life of e-commerce, show how employees work, explain how the relationship with suppliers works, take polls, open question boxes, and, with that, take topics for content.

Stories can be made with both videos and images. In addition, they also allow simple edits so that they can be done more often than the content for the feed.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are key to reaching followers on Instagram. That’s because when the user wants to search for the Explore tab, he usually types a hashtag and finds profiles that have also used it.

To do it right, follow these tips:

  • Do not separate sentences: do not use #hashtags in a # unexpected way! They must appear after the caption separately;
  • Explore spaces: if the caption text gets too long, use your hashtags in the comments section;
  • Be consistent: hashtags must match the subject of your post. Otherwise, it will appear that you are doing clickbait (deceptive content to attract clicks).

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