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App Store Optimization (ASO): What It Is

As a strategy similar to SEO, App Store Optimization is a fully mobile-oriented optimization technique. Considering that technologies develop very quickly, investing in an application for mobile devices can be a differential for your company!

What ASO?

Acronym for App Store Optimization ( App Store Optimization ), ASO emerged as an opportunity to apply techniques similar to SEO in mobile application digital distribution services, the app stores. This technique aims for mobile applications to obtain, in an organic way, favorable positions in their stores, that is, to appear among the first places, generating better performance, revenue, and even business.


To better understand the differences between the two strategies, we have to remember that customers behave differently for both.

When it comes to SEO, it is widespread to connect with search engines on the WEB, such as Google, where users can do informative searches, while in application stores, this would only be possible if it were used. ASO, on the other hand, is aimed at app stores, such as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The ASO strategy, its primary and most essential structures are:

  • Application Name;
  • Description;
  • Keywords ;
  • Backlinks ;
  • Meta tags. 

In addition, its main objective is to make the applications have a good amount of downloads, increase conversions and reduce the number of uninstalls.

While for the SEO strategy, the primary and vital structures are:

  • Meta tags. 
  • Backlinks ;
  • Keyword density;
  • Value content;
  • Hierarchization of information.

The main objective of SEO is to make a page occupy the best positions in search engines. This way, it will be possible to increase the number of visits without investing money in ads. This gives the company a more significant ROI and raises brand awareness.

What Are The Advantages Of The ASO? 

The ASO is essential for your app to display correctly and reach your target audience. Check below some reasons to apply for it in your company.

More Prominent In App Stores 

Standing out in stores is very important because when your app is ranked in a good position, it is easier for the user to be interested in using it. If the opposite occurs, he will seek the solution to the problem in the competitor.

Organic Download Growth

As an ASO good practice, using keywords allows users to find your app faster. This means you don’t need to invest much in ads and have a lower acquisition cost per user. Thus organic growth in downloads occurs.

Conversion Rate Growth

When users enjoy the experience and are satisfied with your product, loyalty becomes more straightforward, and this means that, over time, your company becomes a reference in that niche. Customers, when they need it, will turn to your application.

Five Essential Things To Create An ASO

Renting an application on the market is necessary since everything can influence users’ choices. Most choices are made due to visual criteria. Usually, this criterion is considered secondary, but it makes a real difference when consuming a product.

And this also occurs in the app stores. “Consumers” judge your product’s functionality and usability by how it looks. Here are some tips for success on the app stores with ASO:

Have Some Optimization Strategy

Create the persona of your niche, do market research, and understand how users of the style of application you propose behave. Analyze which keywords are most used when your target audience searches for a similar product.

In addition, it is essential to understand which languages ​​these users speak and why they are looking for that product. For keywords, be sure to carefully read the rules of each app store, as usually the rules are different and have different requirements.

Invest In An Excellent Visual Identity!

As previously stated here, in app stores, users will judge your proposal by what is presented there visually. So, only measure efforts to create an excellent visual identity for your business. A fantastic name makes all the difference in this regard, as it is the first contact the customer will have with the product. A well-thought-out name makes him feel secure in what is being presented.

Have an icon that conveys your brand identity. As much as the name and description make users feel safe, it is in the visible part that you will win their hearts. Study how you want to raise your brand image and make a very flashy icon!

And remember the Logo, and it’s also just as important as the title. The user often needs to recognize the title and retain only the shapes, colors, and strokes he saw.

Be Careful When Filling In The Information

The expected time has come to put your product in the app stores! But calm down, be careful. Carefully read all the fields that need to be filled in, choose your category exactly, and look for the one that will boost your app’s ranking. If necessary, use the subcategories to narrow the niche and make the app reach the people you want.

Clearly describe how your app works. But what it does, what features, and what features it contains. It’s time to sell the fish! A good description makes users solve the main doubts. In addition to using the report to have a moment of “interaction” with your audience, invest in high-quality images and videos showing the strengths of your application.

Update Frequently

When developers frequently update apps, it makes a good impression on the algorithms that govern app store rankings. They will “understand” that you always seek to provide the best user experience and improve security. Furthermore, users will be assured that the product has been taken care of frequently. Another positive point is that users leave their opinions with each update.

Have Good Marketing

After all the steps we present here, the crucial thing to get more users for your product could be included: well-structured marketing. Invest in advertising strategies in other applications and redirect to your download page, for example, using content marketing, sponsored links, and the darlings of the moment, social media.

Another great way to attract more users is through reviews from people who have already used your product. These reviews make a difference in users’ decisions. Assessments can be performed while using the application.

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