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Communication In Crisis: How Important Personality & Authenticity

Communication In Crisis: In times of crisis, cooperation, good relationships and constructive partnerships are important than ever. With the corona pandemic, many companies are facing new challenges. How they deal with it, i.e. how they pass on information internally and externally and which solutions they develop, reveals the characteristics and values of these companies. That is why it is particularly important in times of crisis to communicate quickly and transparently. The main thing here is to maintain contact with customers and business partners, show compassion and understanding, and offer effective support.

Quite a few companies have fallen into a kind of paralysis in the face of the rapid developments that the coronavirus has triggered in business, politics and society. Everyday business life is still characterized by uncertainty:

  • What does the spread of the coronavirus and the measures that have been taken to prevent exactly that mean for the economy in the medium and long term?
  • What specific effects does this have on your own company?
  • What can companies do to weather the crisis in the best possible way?

Communication In Crisis: Realistically Assess The Current Situation

The top priority should be to remain level-headed and look positively into the future. Black painting and scaremongering are not only unprofessional, but they also obscure the essentials. Now you need a realistic assessment of the current situation and objective and solution-oriented, but above all authentic communication in the crisis – with customers, partners and employees.

A pessimistic and panicked communication is just as not recommended as a concentrated load of euphemistic messages. What customers, suppliers and other external partners want to know now:

  • Does the crisis have an impact on production, the availability of goods or delivery times?
  • What steps has the company taken to keep business going?
  • How, when and where can the most important contacts be reached?

Those who deal openly and honestly with the current situation and always keep their business partners up to date position themselves as a reliable point of contact in times of crisis. This also includes communicating transparently with your team and providing them with all relevant information.

Communication In A Crisis: Practical Solutions

To master the current challenges, common solutions are needed that ensure the continued existence of existing networks and supply chains. In addition, mutual support and specific assistance are effective if they can be implemented quickly and easily. Companies should therefore ask themselves: Where is the greatest pain for customers and partners right now?

Then companies can make suitable and relevant offers of help: useful content, adapted conditions or other individual solutions. Important: All measures concerning communication in the Kris should, however, fit the company philosophy. The solidarity shown must not just be an artificial advertising campaign.

Appropriate Communication On All Relevant Channels

What companies should communicate now is one thing where they do it is another. Because here, too, it is important to choose the right paths for communication in a crisis with a sure instinct. Changed opening times and availability must be up-to-date on all channels – from the website to the profiles in social media to the Google My Business page and digital business directories. The most important information must be easily accessible:

  • Personalized mailings that can be sent proactively and quickly with an e-mail marketing solution land directly in the recipient’s inbox and thus have a good chance of being noticed.
  • All relevant information on the current situation can be placed on the website so that visitors do not overlook it.
  • In the blog, companies can present their specific offers of help or offer direct support, such as how-toss or tips.
  • The reach of social networks is suitable for spreading the latest information widely and attracting the attention of customers, partners and interested parties with useful content.

Communication In A Crisis: Authenticity Reveals Personality

Indeed, it is impossible to estimate how long the corona pandemic will dominate the business and what long-term consequences companies will face. However, every company has communication and interaction with its customers and partners in its own hands.

Companies are reliable contacts and stabilizers in a crisis with the right strategy and an authentic personality and have the best chances of surviving it. Because one thing is clear: at some point, the waves will even out and then those companies will be remembered for showing their colors during the crisis and sincerely supporting others.

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