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Google Cloud – That’s Why It’s So valuable for medium-sized companies

Google Cloud – Many employees do not use digital instruments – either they are not adequately trained or the tools. From modernizing infrastructure and applications to significantly improving IT resources – that Google Cloud can make a significant contribution to strengthening the digital competence of medium-sized companies in particular. In an interview, she reveals how that should work.

Google Cloud – What Significance Does The Google Cloud Have For The Economy And Companies?

Cloud solutions have long been a mainstay of industry. 2015 was a significant turning point: for the first time, most companies, 54 per cent, are using some form of cloud computing. Above all, the cloud strengthens the development of industrialization 4.0 – still has room for improvement here. Cloud computing can optimize existing parts of the value chain and create new processes through improved collaboration and artificial intelligence, thanks to its high flexibility. We support all of our customers in taking the necessary steps into a networked future to position as a leading industrial nation. 

Why is the Google Cloud so important for digital transformation, especially in medium-sized companies?

Cloud technology is ideal for those first attempts at digitization. For example, a cloud-based office solution like G Suite enables easy entry into an agile and collaborative working environment. Medium-sized companies in particular often lag behind large companies in terms of digitization. According to our “Digital Atlas”, which we published together with the Institute der Deutschemark Wirtschaft (IW) Cologne in March of this year, only a fifth of SMEs are digitized.

The digital atlas made it clear that more jobs can be created and maintained in medium-sized companies through consistent digitization. Of course, this would also go hand in hand with an increase in sales. Incidentally, in this study, most of the companies surveyed also admit that the lack of digital competence is the greatest obstacle to digital transformation. Many employees do not use digital instruments – either they have not trained accordingly, or the tools are not even made available to employees. 

What Does Google Cloud Offer For Digital Transformation Beyond G Suite?

I am always impressed that Google Cloud allows tailor-made solutions for our customers’ needs – across all industries. This starts with the modernization of infrastructure and applications and extends to significantly improved use of IT resources. The yardstick is always the priority and focuses points with which the respective business of the customer can be supported. It can help with processing large amounts of data to create a better consumer experience. But there are also many possible uses in the enterprise area: Various machine learning solutions help automate processes and simplify them. Entirely new business models can also arise for companies.

What Specific Advantages Do Corporate Customers Have By Using The Google Cloud?

The advantages are very complex: Thanks to cloud solutions, IT departments have to spend less time and money on maintaining and servicing applications than with local solutions. We help our customers to reduce risks and keep an eye on costs. Companies no longer need their servers. A fast internet connection is sufficient to be able to access applications that are in the cloud. As a result, outdated hardware and software systems are no longer used. Our cloud offers constant access to the most modern infrastructure.

Our focus is to keep our network up to date. In addition, the Google Cloud Platform is in charge of the development and use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are powerful in this area. Thousands of kilometers of fiber optic cables also make Google’s network the most advanced in the world. Our customers benefit from our robust infrastructure with high bandwidths and low latency times. Cloud technology for companies is also characterized by its scalability – (almost) infinite computing power can be accessed as required.

What Is Google’s Performance Claim?

20 years of experience and technology in our network on which all our products are based. If we stand for something, it is for technological innovation, collaboration and open-source software. Numerous customers in more than 150 countries are already entrusting Google to modernize their digital infrastructure.

How Secure Is The Data In The Google Cloud? 

As a cloud provider, we meet the highest security standards. As specialists for servers and data, we can ensure security much better than a single company would be able to do itself. Accordingly, we are also certified by independent bodies, and we also develop and implement our standards. We have invested more than 30 billion US dollars in our infrastructure in recent years, including IT security. Ultimately, our customers use the same infrastructure that our services such as Google Search, YouTube or Android rely on. 

What Are The Security Regulations At Google?

On the one hand, we guarantee the highest level of physical security in our data centers, to which only a handful of selected employees have access. We protect our premises, among other things, through biometric identification, metal detection, cameras, vehicle barriers and intrusion detection systems. We also invest in non-physical security. We have our security measures regularly verified by independent parties. For example, we received the particularly comprehensive C5 security certificate for the Google Cloud. The Federal Office developed this standard for Information Security (BSI).

Every Google employee receives security training when they are hired and later further security-specific training. All colleagues undertake to comply with our code of conduct, which underlines the protection of customer data. It is part of our corporate culture: We live and breathe security. 

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