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Defining The Best Possibilities For A Notebook Or Desktop

It’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most helpful tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and the user can shape them.” This speech by Bill Gates shows how we are almost dependent on technology, especially personal computers.

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Why Buy A Mac: Top 10 Reasons!

Founded in 1978, the Apple brand is one of the leaders in the computer market today, especially in ​​notebooks. Choosing a laptop involves looking for performance, autonomy, and ergonomics. Based on these criteria, a Mac book Air or a Mac book Pro will make this wish a reality!

To choose a Mac, you must compare products according to your needs. Take stock, in particular, of:

  • Storage capacity, most important in the Mac book Pro,
  • The type of processor, where it is better to have an Intel Core processor (or Core i5, Core i7),
  • The operating system with Mac OS X in particular, or under Linux,
  • The quality of the screen, with Retina, Pro Retina, backlit display, anti-glare screen,
  • The capacity of the hard drive is 4GB, 8GB, or 126GB,
  • The size of the computer is generally associated with lightness.

In other words, today you can buy different Macs, such as the iMac, Mac book Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini.

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Apple is famous for many reasons, not only because they are dedicated to aesthetics but also because of high performance. The Mac book Pro allows you, for example, to process video editing software very quickly, enabling you to professionalize your work. But that’s not all: here we summarize why you should choose a Mac.

  • Reason 1, the networked Apple system: thanks to the cloud computing system, synchronize all your data so you never lose it!
  • Reason 2, an ergonomic interface for the desktop: with display sizes between 11″ and 17″, with ideal features like backlighting, Apple is working miracles for consumer well-being,
  • Reason 3: Mac computer does not need antivirus: unlike many laptops, Mac has less chance of being infected by viruses internally, so it is the highlight in computer security,
  • Reason 4: Time Machine, an advantageous invention: instead of making your backups in iCloud, use Time Machine with external hard drives, and you will find all your data in two clicks,
  • Reason 5: a Mac computer starts very quickly: no bugs or crashes are expected on Apple’s range of computers, which can also restart in safe mode,
  • Reason 6, Mac keyboard shortcuts ensure performance: Productivity is assured thanks to a scalable and responsive computer,
  • Reason 7, thanks to pre-installed Apple software: iMovie, which makes you feel like a real movie director, as well as Numbers, Pages or Photo Booth, offer exciting features,
  • Reason 8, a legendary and straightforward aesthetic for Mac: enhanced on the desktop also by a powerful graphics card,
  • Reason 9 because the Mac also supports the Windows interface: it is possible to install Windows as the operating system or use Microsoft applications such as Skype or the Office suite,
  • Reason 10: The Mac is modern and unavoidable, thanks to various features such as “Destination” mode or sending documents with Air Drop.

In short, buying an Apple Mac is the choice of an excellent compromise between technical performance and refined aesthetics, serving the realization of your projects.

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Why Buy Windows: Top 10 Reasons!

The American company Microsoft released Windows in mid-1985, first as a graphical interface. It has become an operating system in its own right, with regular updates. That is why we find several versions of this system.

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As a reminder, the currently available Windows operating systems are:

  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 10.

Did you know? Microsoft sells Windows computer models; you can also buy a Windows computer, and 90% of brands are compatible, such as Acer, Asus, or Lenovo.

Before talking about buying a personal computer, you need to know some specifics about Windows:

  • With 83% market share, they are widespread throughout the world,
  • Prices for Windows computers start at R$800
  • The system is regularly updated; the latest version is Windows 10 (since 2015).

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose a Windows computer over another computer!

  • Reason 1, a traditional operating system: progressive updates now offer a new design, a new interface, and new features,
  • Reason 2 Why Professionals Prefer Windows: Its powerful tools make it the preferred choice for businesses,
  • Reason 3 because Windows prices are unbeatable: with prices starting at R$800,
  • Reason 4, Why Windows Apps Are Universal: As is the case with Skype, an essential communication tool nowadays,
  • Reason 5 because Windows formats are more numerous: between the Chromebook, the ultraportable, or the hybrid PC, for maximum comfort of use,
  • Reason 6 Why Cloud is a Good Point for Windows: With multiple storage packages available on Microsoft OneDrive, including 1Tb in the starter plan,
  • Reason 7 because the Windows help system allows you to navigate efficiently: an interactive side that makes it easier,
  • Reason 8, the Windows system is permanently reinvented: with the return of the Start menu, Windows remains on top,
  • Reason 9: graphics are better for gamers: with an Nvidia or AMD graphics card, it’s hard to find something better in the computer market,
  • Reason 10, simply for the Office package: use Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for all its possibilities.

Windows is not only accessible to everyone and every budget, but it also has ideal features for carrying out business projects.

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