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Finally No More Newsletter Spam In The Inbox: With The Help Of Cleanfox

You open your inbox in the morning and are overwhelmed by unwanted newsletters too often. This is not only annoying but also takes time. This is precisely what Cleanfox wants to change: The app promises to free your inbox from newsletter spam while minimising the carbon footprint.

How Does Cleanfox Work?

Using Cleanfox is easy and can be set up in just a few steps. First, connect your mailbox to the software by entering your email address directly on the website. Then, log in with your email account and confirm your identity using 2-factor identification.

After you are registered, it goes to the newsletter itself. You decide which newsletters you no longer want to keep in your mailbox. Since this selection is difficult right away and you may forget some, Cleanfox shows you how many emails you have already received from the respective newsletter. At the same time, you can also see how often you have opened the newsletter in the past.

You then have three different options for dealing with the newsletters:

  1. Keep: You would like to continue receiving the newsletter in the future and not change anything.
  2. Unsubscribe: You unsubscribe from the newsletter and will no longer receive any new emails in the future, but the old emails will remain in your inbox.
  3. Cancellation And Deletion: With the third option, you cancel the newsletter, thereby no longer receiving any new emails, and at the same time, delete all the emails you have already received from your inboxes.

Why Was Cleanfox Founded?

Cleanfox is the answer to the seemingly never-ending influx of spam emails and ongoing newsletters. By detecting these unwanted emails, Cleanfox helps its users sort through them and unsubscribe with a simple swipe of their fingers.

The user’s inbox is cleaned to their liking within a few minutes, if not seconds. The bonus is that the Cleanfox application increases productivity, promotes an organised lifestyle, and makes a small contribution to the protection of the environment, all directly from the users’ smartphones (storing a single email in a data centre corresponds to the carbon footprint of a plastic bag).

The founder Edouard Nattée says, “Let’s take away the fear of environmental issues! Cleanfox is responsible, dedicated, intuitive, and free, allowing the user a valuable experience. Digital Technology is a great stepping stone to raising awareness among Internet users.”

Sort Mailbox And Plant Trees

Under the statistics, Cleanfox also shows you how many newsletters have already been automatically deleted by the app. The app also shows you how much CO2 you have saved by using Cleanfox. As an additional incentive to do something good for the environment, Cleanfox plants trees when users invite their friends to use the software via code. Convince yourself of the app now and free your email inbox from annoying newsletter spam in the future.

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