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Future Of YouTube: This Is How The Platform Wants To Maintain Its Power

The future of YouTube should look particularly rosy – for users, creators, and their reputation. A high-ranking employee has revealed, what exactly the Google video portal is planning. One thing is sure: “INNOVATION” is written in capital letters on the hoisted flag.

What do “Baby Shark Dance,” “Despacito,” and “Gangnam Style” have in common? They are currently among the ten most successful YouTube videos – based on the number of views. The first two songs mentioned occupy the top ranks.

A look at the numbers proves the popularity of the videos and shows the reach of YouTube in general. The first-placed video from the “Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories” channel currently has around 44.6 million subscribers.

From 2013 to 2020, monthly YouTube hits will double from one to two billion. Thumbs up – after all, who would want to count on this scale? This refers to active users of the platform, and since 2017 the number has even been based on the monthly logged-in visitors.

Future Of YouTube: What Is YouTube Planning For The Future?

After the inventory, the perspective view follows. And even at first glance, it can be seen that the YouTube list of potential future milestones is not short. The company uses its official blog to communicate technological developments and innovations in terms of usability, which are at least in the conceptual phase.

“How we want to make YouTube even better for the next generation of videos” is the opening quote from Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan on the future of YouTube. A new series is planned, which shows the in-house, ongoing optimizations.

Specifically, according to the information available, these are:

  • Easier navigation
  • Support new formats
  • Expansion of the range to include TV
  • More safety for children
  • More options and support for creators
  • Shopping for the next generation

YouTube opening the front door a crack isn’t a new strategy. And neither is it far removed from the provider’s self-interest because YouTube will not disseminate any disadvantageous information in the content series – on the contrary.

The earlier campaign proves this on “Responsibility” and other content in the Inside YouTube series. But what term will shimmer on YouTube in the future? Innovation. You can also know about the genyoutube by just clicking the link.

“Reality That Surpasses Everything That Has Existed Before”

It seems as if Neal Mohan deliberately broke the piggy bank with superlatives at the start of the new series. The result is a self-confident statement such as:

I want to find out how we manage to turn innovative ideas into reality for viewers and creators – a fact that surpasses anything that has come before. To meet these requirements in the coming year, we need to redefine how the world experiences video.

According to Mohan, a reaction to global needs should be the efforts, who sees YouTube as the “world stage for videos” and, from the stage director’s point of view, aims for “the best setting for our creators and the best viewing experience for our audience.”

He is certainly not wrong. Even a market leader must constantly question and realign himself instead of letting his soul dangle in previous success. Seen in this way, the powerful announcements are pretty understandable and, measured against the position of YouTube, also justified.

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