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Geomarketing: What Is It, Its Benefits And How To Use It?

Geomarketing is related to every marketing strategy that uses location to optimize campaigns and reach potential customers in the right place and time.

When looking for this tool, it is possible to find several on the market, such as Geotargeting, Geofencing, Geotagging, and Geofilters, each with a purpose.

Do you know those sponsored publications you come across when you access your social networks and specific websites? They are usually from a company that sells a product or service that, according to your browsing history, you are interested in, and the company is close to where you live. 

This sponsored publication uses one of the Geomarketing strategies to reach potential customers and, thus, generate greater sales guarantees since, according to the consumer’s browsing history and location, they show interest in the product or service.

What Is Geomarketing?

At first, Geomarketing was a concept used to represent business strategies that focused on determining the location of a possible new physical store, more promising locations for sales or even the line of action in each location.

But this concept took on greater proportions over time, especially when Digital Marketing grew significantly. Nowadays, Geomarketing is related to any marketing strategy that uses location intelligence to improve campaigns and reach the consumer at the right time.

The Geomarketing area works on issues such as:

  • Indication of pricing strategies;
  • Definition and optimization of sales territories;
  • Acquisition of new consumers/clients;
  • Definition of distribution channels for products;
  • Choosing the best strategies for expanding the company;
  • The decision to close or reposition units;
  • Choice of new commercial points.

But for Geomarketing to be used in its entirety, it needs the support of big data, which is the location data of consumers that relate to your company.

Therefore, Geomarketing is not just a single strategy; it should be considered an area that studies the relationships between the territory where the company, consumers, suppliers and distribution sites are located.

The Benefits Of Marketing

Companies that adhere to Geomarketing have as their main objective the increase of competitive advantage, mainly about the corporation’s planning, marketing and sales.

In addition to this broader objective, this strategy can bring even more specific benefits to the business. See the main ones.

Greater Audience Targeting

Geomarketing allows your company to segment the target audience with all possible details, mapping their behavior through geographic coordinates.

That is, through geographic intelligence tools, your company can identify the location of your consumer and the places they frequent and are most interested in attending.

In addition to this possibility, your organization can combine this information with other important data and create more assertive “personas” for the business.

Improved Lead Generation

By directing your content according to the user’s location, there are greater chances of increasing your company’s leads. This is because you end up personalizing the communication content and providing relevant information according to each audience your organization has.

Increase In Conversion Rate

Ultra segmentation, more effective communication and more leads generated, as a consequence, a higher conversion rate, that is, more purchase interest for your product or service.

Improved Customer Relationship Management

Another area that Geomarketing directly impacts is customer relationship management, which now has several positive changes.

Your company can, for example, better understand where your customers are and how they behave in the places they frequent; through this, you can communicate more effectively, strengthening your relationship with them and making your intentions clear.

How To Use Geomarketing In The Company?

There are different ways to use Geomarketing to optimize strategies in your company:


With Geotargeting, your company can manage internet ad campaigns to reach a specific audience you want to reach through the location. This is the Geomarketing resource most used by companies because it is possible to delimit the region where the business is located and its surroundings.

Being basic, it is found on different online ad platforms, such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. With these tools, your company can segment the public by country, state, city, neighborhood and, on some occasions, even by distance from your establishment.

Custom Website

Personalized sites are considered those that request the user’s location while browsing. He aims to make the user experience more useful, delivering content according to his needs.

But, as you can see, it is a resource that depends on the user’s authorization; that is, he needs to accept the invitation to share his location.


Geofencing is a notification sent in real-time, through a message on the cell phone or by email. Through this technology, the company manages to monitor the steps of consumers. As the user approaches an area of ​​interest, the notification is triggered.

This technology is used by Waze, for example, which uses the geofencing feature to inform about traffic in a certain region. Like there is Google, which asks for a review of a place you are visiting.


Check-in is another Geomarketing technology that depends on the user’s authorization but that can be encouraged by the company. You can use this feature to publicize your business for free when you have a physical establishment.

For example, many organizations embrace this technology to provide free Wi-Fi. Before releasing access to the internet, the user needs to check in on Facebook and, consequently, disclose the location to use the internet.

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