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How Ads On Google And Social Media Impact Brand

Google and Social Media: How have you been advertising your business, and in what media? See how strategic this question promises to be, and when well answered, it reveals the inefficiency or otherwise of your investments in ads on Google.

The truth is that the media has allowed your product to be found much more quickly than before. The seller does not need to go door to door to close the purchase. Often, the salesperson is on the customer’s social networks, on TV, in email marketing, on the cell phone… It is difficult to say that he was not found when a structured sales performance was applied.

The most exciting thing about this way of advertising your products digitally is that it can positively or negatively impact your brand. In what way? Read on to get a better understanding of Google ad reactions.

How Google Ads Impact My Brand

A Global Web Index survey, “What do consumers think of ads,” demonstrates what people think about ads on social media, TV, Websites, and Email Marketing. Some data from this study show that social networks had the format most associated with personalization, a feature much sought after by Generation Z.

At the same time, Generation X and Baby Boomers prefer more functional ads, which focus on discounts and product information and teaching something. But all generations don’t like intrusive or excessive content. Therefore, a personal study is necessary to adapt your content and positively impact your brand.

One of the consumers’ biggest complaints is content blocking them from seeing what they want (due to ads), content that haunts them, and excessive content. Ads are tough to miss, but there are ways to make them more attractive to your audience.

In short, ads impact your business brand, but your strategy makes the content positive or negative.

How To Sell To Businesses Online

For B2B businesses, you can learn a lot from the B2C language. In reality, people want to consume from companies that care about consumers, and digital interaction can strengthen this perception from the outside.

When using Google Ads, there are some essential points to take into account when selling to businesses:

Know Your Persona

B2B sales is another language requiring more product information to give credibility and expose your product’s differential. You often must resort to Content Marketing to educate your leads about the solution.

Know Where Your Lead Is

When knowing the best language to use and lead habits, you need to know where you are going to place the ad to run. As mentioned, the younger generation is more on social networks, and the older generation values ​​informative and educational content. In addition to finding it, you need to retain it for more conversion.

Structured Sales Performance

KPIs must be monitored, and post-sales, CRM, marketing, and sales teams must be aligned to make ads more effective.

How To Get My Business On Google

For your business to be on Google, you need to talk well with the Google robot. When it comes to Websites, SEO makes your site indexed, and quality content ranks it in search engines. Paid ads also have their results, so it’s good to test which experience makes reading more attractive to leads and a higher number of conversions for your business.

Count On A Specialized Digital Marketing Agency For B2B Companies

With so many new features and trends on Google, it is not feasible for your company to keep up to date on all of this and implement good practices continuously, guaranteeing the best results. Therefore, an agency specializing in digital marketing for B2B companies.

There is nothing better than outsourcing these services to someone who understands the subject, has the experience, quality, and credibility, has a specialized team, and will deliver positive results.

We have a complete attraction marketing strategy with everything you need to improve your company’s organic traffic, increase visibility, attract more visitors, engage them and turn them into leads, in addition to helping convert them into sales.

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