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How To Create A Social Media Strategy

If your company still doesn’t have a social media strategy, it’s time to rethink your digital marketing planning. After all, you can increase (and a lot!) your brand’s visibility this way and generate much more business. 

To achieve the best results, you need to know a little about the particularities of different networks. Thus, you can know which actions are indicated to use in each. 

That’s why we’ve prepared special content to help you with your social media strategy. Shall we know more? 

Why Should Companies Be Present On Social Media?

The phenomenon that started with Orkut in 2004 contradicted some expectations and gained a lot of strength. Today, you will hardly meet anyone who does not participate in at least one of the existing social networks. Moreover, it is there that companies are finding space and excellent business opportunities.

Social networks make it possible to interact with followers, strengthen the brand and increase the much-desired conversion. 

But how? The secret lies in building well-designed paths for communicating your brand with your audience on the networks. 

It’s no use having an excellent product or service if it doesn’t talk to your persona, right? 

Therefore, you can follow some guidelines to position your brand and win more and more customers. See other reasons to think about a social media strategy. 


The main function of a social network, such as Facebook or Instagram, is to connect people with common interests and lifestyles. Thus, engagement happens naturally.

Providing proper spaces for interaction and followers’ involvement is a way to gain and maintain a relationship with your audience. 

The insights you get on the networks, whether through criticism or suggestions, are also important for improving your solutions.

Building Authority

A good social media strategy can and should include content marketing. Delivering relevant information generates value and allows your brand to gain a strong and loyal audience, contributing to building authority.

For this, creating a schedule of posts that include subjects of interest to your audience is recommended. This must be done constantly to stimulate your target audience’s engagement.  

Traffic And Conversions

Social networks can also contribute to the increase in traffic and conversions on your company’s website. Take advantage of the reach of these media to take users there and improve your results!

How To Create A Social Media Strategy

Now that you know your business’s potential for social networks, it’s time to think about your strategy. Check out some essential points to increase your chances of success! 

Set The Goals

Defining your objectives is the first step to guiding your entire social media strategy. For this, consider the particularities of your company and align your focus. 

Some possibilities include generating leads, strengthening brand positioning, and the relationship with the public. It is also possible to bring traffic to your website and create a new sales channel.

Understand The Possibilities Of Social Networking

Study the functioning of different social networks, their trends, and possibilities. Creating the same content to spread across all of them is not recommended. Each one talks to a different type of audience, with well-defined rules and objectives. 

It’s also important to keep up with changes in content formats to adapt your social media strategy. Take Instagram as an example, which started as a network for sharing photos and today prioritizes video content. 

Produce Relevant Content

Bet on relevant content in your social media strategy. You can consider educating, bringing important information, answering questions, and meeting the most urgent demands of your audience. 

Ask yourself: does what I’m offering generate value for my audience? If so, this is the way! If you’re unsure about this, it’s time to rethink your content marketing strategy. 

Create Regularity

For actions on social networks to be effective, there must be regularity in their publications. Create a plan to guide the frequency of posts. Find out about the most appropriate times and the most suitable content. This is key to organizing your strategy. 

Focus On Persona

A good social media strategy knows and focuses on your persona. You must understand exactly what your customer is looking for and how to make their journey more interesting. 

Therefore, you must know who your target audience is and what their internet habits are. Find out which networks your audience uses and how they usually behave in the virtual world. After defining your persona, it becomes much easier to develop your planning.

Have Your Own Personality And Visual Identity

What works well for some may be a pain in the ass for others. This means that the personality of a brand cannot be copied. Establish your tone of voice and way of communicating with your target audience with originality.  

Likewise, having a striking and unique visual identity helps users recognize the authenticity of your brand.


Using retargeting in your social media strategy helps to encourage conversion. This reinforces your brand to people who have already visited your site but haven’t closed the deal yet. 

This practice allows the user to be impacted by your ads on social networks, return to the website and purchase your products or services.

Keep An Eye Out For Insights 

Paying attention to comments, likes, and shares can yield valuable insights for analyzing the performance of your social media strategy. Hence the importance of having well-defined metrics and KPIs and, of course, of frequently monitoring these numbers.

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