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How To Fix The Cell Phone Volume That Goes Up And Down

Nowadays, we are used to using our mobile phones to listen to podcasts, music, the radio or watch movies and series. For this reason, audio has become very important also in business.

The most annoying situation occurs when the mobile volume goes up or down by itself . This means that we are not able to enjoy what is being played and we have to constantly be aware of solving it, which is not something simple or permanent. To ensure that it does not continue to give us errors, we will have to take several things into account.

First thing: Why and when does it happen?

The first thing of all is to distinguish if the problem is with headphones or with the phone’s external speakers. If the smartphone’s sound changes only when you use headphones, you should try other headphones to rule out that the source of the problem is in the headphones. If it works well with others, bugs solved, it was easier than we could imagine.

If it happens to you when connecting headphones, the solution is to clean the headphone input of your smartphone , whether it is a 3.5 mm jack or USB. In addition, we recommend that you try them on another device, since it could be a fault with this accessory and not with the terminal itself.

If they are Bluetooth, we will have to change the audio codec. Although, we will only have this available on Android terminals. The first thing we will do is activate the development options by entering:

  1. Settings App
  2. About device or Phone information
  1. Then, enter System
  2. Development options
  3. Bluetooth audio codec .

In this way, we can test the one that best suits our preferences, and check at all times whether the mobile volume sounds bad or not. In addition, you should be careful that the phone’s volume is not lowered or raised by itself.

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If the volume goes down and up as you please with any headset, or the same thing happens when using the smartphone’s speakers, you will have to try other solutions like the ones shown below. To find the correct key, we must be very aware of the possibility that water has entered the mobile or that it has received a strong blow.

Possible Hardware Problems

As we have said, the causes of the volume changing randomly can be due to many things. Starting with the failures that we have at our fingertips and do not require too much knowledge.

Problem With Volume Buttons

If the smartphone has suffered a blow and therefore has a life of its own, we will have the cause before us. You can tell this because when you squeeze them, sometimes it may seem like they are stuck and sometimes not. You may want to replace the button pads, but you can also try rubbing a small piece of gauze with very little alcohol on the buttons and then pressing them repeatedly , so that they are completely clean. Although it may seem like a complicated job, alcohol can make the contact recover and then evaporate easily.

If necessary, do not forget to use toothbrushes or toothpicks with which to remove dirt from the most remote places of the mobile phone.

If the problem does not disappear but you think that the problem lies in the buttons of our mobile phone, which are stuck or we cannot press them completely well, so the only thing left before us is to take our mobile phone to the technical service so that Check the problem and find the correct solution to get them working again.

The Case Presses The Buttons

Sometimes the failure that our mobile phone is experiencing is the one we least expect, so we will have to check absolutely all the options we have in our hands, even the most ‘silly’ ones that come to mind. Therefore, one of the options that even seems useless is that of our case and it may be the case that our case is pressing the buttons of our mobile phone and is what is causing it to go up and down.

Clean The Speakers

If there is something hindering the audio output, in general, it may also be that the speaker has an obvious accumulation of dirt that prevents the smartphone’s sound from always being the same . It is normal to carry the terminal in your pocket with a case and right in the speaker area is where the most dust accumulates.

When it comes to storing our cell phone, whether in our house or in one of our clothes, we may have certain problems when storing it or even that it does not fit well in our pocket or bag due to the amount of elements that may be around him ‘disturbing’ him. And although it may seem like a somewhat remote issue, there may be the case in which our wallet, keys or any other element is what is causing your mobile phone to raise or lower the volume because it is this element that is pressing. said buttons.

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