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Do Telegrams Still Have A Future?

For decades, the telegram was the first international communication network and the only direct transmission of messages in our country. It experienced its heyday at the end of the 19th century. Today the system appears to be doomed to death with the Internet and mobile messaging. Nothing is further from reality. The telegram is still alive and kicking. The possibility of sending telegrams via the Post, a mobile application, is now known and appreciated by all. 

The volume of shipments has indeed fallen compared to half a century ago, but it is also true that it is changing its shape and catching up thanks to technology. According to data from the Post Office, five and a half million telegraphic products (telegrams, burofax and money orders) were sent, while in 1966, there were more than 16 million. Today telegrams are still used mainly for important notifications; they are valid in court and have legal value.

How To Send A Telegram In 2022

Today there is no telegraph network. The shipment is carried out using its telecommunications network. Nor do you necessarily have to go to the post office. You can call by phone to dictate the message or send it online via a mobile application. So, although the telegram is still alive, the delivery has changed completely. 

The success and potential advantages of this type of communication were such that in 1855 a law was passed to connect Rome with all the provincial capitals. In nine years, the telegraph network was completed. In total, 194 offices coordinated the 10,000 kilometers of cable spread throughout the Spanish territory, including the Islands. The lines with the main cities departed from Rome, radially interconnected.

The Telegraph Changed News And Trade

“Thanks to the telegraph, newspapers ceased to be almost all opinion and began to incorporate news of events that had occurred a few hours earlier in their pages. It also influenced trade as the values ​​of international exchanges were revealed almost in real-time, ”says the director enthusiastically. People also used the telegraph to send very urgent news. In the beginning, only the richest were able to access this service. The electric telegraphy network has been modernized over the decades. 

During the Second World War, the telegraph cables were cut, and communications were carried out by radio. Although the power lines were restored after the war, telegraphic communication via radio continued, gradually gaining importance, and the repeaters multiplied. The decline of the telegraph network occurred in 1980. The thefts of copper telegraph wires were constant, and radio links triumphed. In the 1990s, the advent of satellite communications made data transmission so lean that maintaining the telegraph network was not worth it. Thus, by the time we entered the 21st century, the net of poles and wires had disappeared entirely.

The Relevance Of Such A Particular Mode Of Communication

Although it has already lost a lot of strength in the face of other forms of communication, the telegram continues to exist. It is used in particular situations where it is essential. It has never had the mass that today, for example, television or the Internet, since it involved equipment and communication lines controlled only by certain people. In that sense, today, you can send a telegram from an office post or Post in different places.

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