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How To Increase Your Sales With Digital Marketing?

Sales with Digital Marketing: Who is not seen is not remembered. This phrase, which may seem cliché, is nonetheless true.

After all, with great competition in the digital environment, investing in tools to stand out and acquire customers is necessary. But how to do it?

In addition to being a more democratic market — as it allows small stores to compete with market giants — the online market has a series of tools you can use to mark your digital presence. Therefore, using digital marketing to increase your sales is an essential option to ensure that you stand out.

First, you must understand that “digital presence” is not just having a Facebook page and an Instagram profile. Your company needs to be active, engaged, and relevant in the content it presents. 

Want to know how to take the first steps? See x tips on how to increase your sales with digital marketing!

8 Tips To Increase Your Sales With Digital Marketing

Here’s how to use various digital marketing tools to grow and retain audiences:

Strategic Planning

Any Digital marketing action needs strategic planning. Even if you only want to work with Instagram, all inserted posts must be scripted in advance — even the most relaxed stories.

Create a digital marketing strategy that can tie together different tools. Everything needs to have a clear and realistic objective and a deadline for its fulfillment. Finally, all actions need to be reassessed to understand what went right and wrong — and, in this case, optimized.

Persona Creation

The target audience concept was enough to develop marketing strategies for many years. However, the digital medium requires more personalized work. After all, the company does not speak to the public but to individuals with unique personalities, with similar characteristics that make them their ideal type of consumer.

To create more precise campaigns, most companies abandoned the target audience and started working with personas, that is, with the archetype of their ideal client. The most interesting thing is that a persona is not a subjective concept; she has a name, age, family, tastes, desires, and pains that your company can solve. All this is not done randomly but based on real data captured by digital platforms and surveys carried out by the company. 

Social Networks

Having an active profile on Instagram or Facebook can make all the difference for your business. Incidentally, it is common for companies to increase their sales with digital marketing on social networks. For this, however, you need a strategy: plan where, when, and what will be posted. Well-thought-out content can be the key to attracting and retaining customers. Therefore, investing in this format is essential from per-sales to post-sales in the digital environment.

Google My Business

Do you know when you search for a place on Google and find a box with the place’s name, images, address, and reviews? It’s Google My Business, a very important tool to increase your sales with digital marketing, especially between physical stores.

The most interesting thing is that Google My Business is free; you must have a Google account to create your profile.

Google Ads

The sponsored links tool on Google offers a series of advertising possibilities for small businesses. You can start with search ads, banners on partner sites, and even YouTube campaigns. It is worth analyzing your budget and the best way to distribute it.

The most interesting thing is that Google Ads shows your business to people close to your area. For those who have restaurants or snack bars, for example, it is the chance to be found by those around them.


You know when you visit a store, look at a product, close the page, and start seeing that same item appearing on banners on other sites? No, it’s not technology reading your mind, but a tool that can help you increase your sales with digital marketing: re-targeting.

In this strategy, the cookies that the sales pages collect are used to send these ads to the pages you visit. If you’ve visited a shoe store, you’ll likely see ads for it for up to a month. Your store can use the same strategy: if the user does not complete the purchase, you can show ads for your store on other sites.

Email Marketing

Older than the internet, email was down for a while when it was the target of spam from stores that didn’t know how to work with it. Today, a marketing strategy that only works with sending messages is practically unthinkable. After all, it can be worked in several ways:

  • Re-marketing is a strategy used when the user leaves a product in the cart and does not complete the purchase. Shortly after the product is “abandoned,” the store sends an email to remind you and try to close the purchase;
  • Newsletter: the store sends the best content produced by e-commerce, but not necessarily promotions. The intent here is more to showcase the store as an authority;
  • News: show what arrived at the store and that is following the visitor’s profile;
  • Promotion: if the store is going to put some section on sale, be sure to let them know by email;
  • Discount coupons: it’s ideal for those who haven’t bought in your store for a while or loyal customers;
  • Seasonal Events: Send a special message on Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, and New Year’s. It’s an affectionate way of reminding the customer about your store.


It would help if you were where your customers were to increase your sales with digital marketing. And this will only happen if you don’t limit your company’s digital presence. 

As said, you can start working with Instagram and having your e-commerce with linked social networks. In addition, sponsored links on Google Ads help your company to be better known while the inbound marketing work is still developing.

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