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9 Digital Marketing Tips For Your Ecommerce To Sell More!

Digital Marketing Tips: Nowadays, practically everyone is connected through the Internet, and it is present in various atmospheres of our lives, including purchasing and selling products and services. 

Due to the practicality and diversity of products and brands, it is normal for people to prefer to shop online! However, some actions are fundamental to your brand’s sales and publicity strategies online.  

1- Always Use Keywords 

It is only possible to talk about  Digital Marketing for e-commerce by mentioning keywords. After all, they are essential for SEO strategies. 

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is a set of practices to make a company relevant to search engines such as Google.  

So do keyword research using specific tools like Google Trends or Uber suggest.  Separate the best keywords with high search volume and little competition and, of course, that are linked to your business model. 

After that, make a list or heatmap of them and use them in the content you produce: 

  • product registration (in the title, description, and tags); 
  • blog posts; 
  • publications for social networks, etc. 

2- Invest In Product Descriptions 

In addition to using keywords in product descriptions, other actions can make you sell more! 

Do not copy and paste the texts informed by the manufacturer. Remember: originality is a ranking factor for Google. 

So instead, offer various information (name, color, technical specifications, and any relevant details about the product). 

The recommendation is to use at least 300 words in your descriptions, but the important thing is to pass on the complete product information, so make sure to spare words! 

3- Use Different Formats Of Disclosure 

To make a store stand out online, you need to ensure that the public feels safe making a purchase. 

Selling in the digital environment can be even more complex than in person, as the public cannot see, touch, or experience what they buy.  

One way to make what you are selling more tangible is to highlight the product’s characteristics, shipping, and delivery process, using different formats to compose communication on your digital channels.  

Bet on images, videos, suggestions for use, reviews, questions, answers, infographics, and simulators. And focus on what your product provides for the consumer, always conveying security and trust. 

4- Produce And Disseminate Valuable Content  

Content production is one of the main tools of  Digital Marketing and can be used in all stages of the sales funnel! 

Through the themes that involve your brand, you can attract, educate and convince the public that your product or service is the solution they need. Naturally, taking these steps is the best way to sell the benefits you offer.  

You always consider essential aspects, such as authority in your area of ​​expertise, integrity in information, and reliability in sales processes. In addition, when done strategically, content production increases your website’s audience and improves your positioning on Google.  

5- Create A Blog 

The blog is the primary channel to promote content that a company can use. It is the tool that makes it possible to position a company as an authority, in an organic way, in search engines (of course, if a great SEO job is carried out).  

With posts on your blog, you attract more visitors interested in your business and, consequently, in your product. This way, you get results in traffic from people with high potential to purchase your e-commerce.

6- Be On Social Media 

Social networks are great allies for promoting your online store and products. They have the power to connect people and brands in a very versatile and agile way. In addition, these channels establish a culture of influence of purchase or use among users, intensifying sales.  

Because communication on social networks is more direct and immediate, you will more likely communicate with your potential customers, creating a closer relationship and engaging with people who have already purchased from your virtual store.  

With good communication and service techniques, you can establish a feeling of appreciation in the customer as he realizes he gets a personalized and efficient response to his requests, complaints, doubts, and compliments. 

7- Use Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a digital marketing action widely used by brands, especially regarding e-commerce.  

Email actions are significant for keeping your leads interested in your brand, as it’s a means of keeping in touch with your potential and active customers. 

In addition to strengthening the relationship, sending emails can lead the customer through the stages of the purchase journey, recognizing the problem, analyzing the solutions your brand can provide, and, finally, buying your product.  

In addition to planning focused on the purchase journey, you should also bet on basic email marketing types and patterns such as: 

  • newsletter
  • promotional email; 
  • commemorative and seasonal email; 
  • welcome email. 

For this type of communication, it is essential to establish proximity in the textual language to show yourself as a facilitator for your potential client to create a bond of trust with your brand.  

8- Produce Webinars And Lives 

Live formats also generate greater engagement from the base, which is a great strategy to sell more online, among which the most outstanding are webinars or lives on social networks. 

In the case of the Webinar, the themes are always aimed at teaching something, as this format is nothing more than an online class.  

On the other hand, lives can be explored differently, focusing on showing something unprecedented, informing about something new, or answering questions and questions.  

9- Bet On Video Creation 

If your goal is to sell more online using Digital Marketing strategies for e-commerce, producing videos should be one of your actions. 

It is undeniable that the consumption of videos has grown a lot in digital media. Because it is a more interactive and dynamic format, people identify themselves more and consequently feel closer to the brand.

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