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Internet Of Things (IoT) Security And Privacy

Internet of Things: It is a fact that the form of physical interaction around the world has changed. Today, houses are automated, a smartphone can control lighting, temperature, TVs, locks and doors, and refrigerators signal the need for food supplies.

These are just a few examples of the Internet of Things opportunities. The Internet of Things interconnects and connects objects to the Internet, computers and smartphones. These technological integrations make everyday life more productive, efficient, practical and dynamic for users.

IoT: Relationship Of Trust

For the Internet of Things to work effectively, users need to have a relationship of trust. Companies must earn and maintain customer trust by providing ever-better and safer technology.

Network Privacy And Security

Security and protection in collecting and sharing personal data are this sector’s main challenges. The combination of information and access recorded on smart devices puts privacy at risk, as it generates a set of behaviors that cybercriminals can use.

This milestone of internet and technology innovation enables promising and endless possibilities for businesses and governments to connect with consumers. If you work with projects for IoT devices, it is essential to understand how this technology can leverage your business and your career.

But for that to happen, the only question is, are you fully prepared to securely and privately deliver IoT products to your customers?

Cybersecurity Solutions To Build Trust

Developing an IoT device that offers a secure and reliable connection is the main challenge for cybersecurity specialists and companies that manufacture this technology.

Digital security must be part of the entire device lifecycle: design, manufacturing and during consumer use.

The system for an IoT device must be proactive, preventive and corrective for security, privacy, availability and data integrity. Check out some items that should be taken into account in this process to add the effectiveness of the product with confidence for the user:

  • Develop safe projects in terms of hardware, software and cloud hosting ;
  • Improve the company’s IT governance control;
  • Establish high safety standards;
  • Implement quality control systems;
  • Perform device vulnerability scans;
  • Use secure update and patch protocols;
  • Develop systems with encryption for data protection;
  • Perform security tests;
  • Develop a contingency plan against possible future threats;
  • Constantly monitor the system to detect potential cyber threats;
  • The user must know how this technology was produced to generate value and ensure reliability.

How To Protect Yourself?

Just as companies must do their part to ensure security and privacy when using devices connected to the Internet, end consumers also need to take precautions to make the most of the benefits of this technology.

The vast majority of devices with Internet of Things technology request personal information. You have to be very careful before connecting objects and providing data. Check out the necessary actions that users of IoT devices must perform.

  • Research the device before buying;
  • Use secure passwords;
  • Update the software whenever prompted;
  • Use systems with encryption for data protection;
  • Install official apps from the brand or safe sources;
  • Pay attention to devise settings;
  • Check for product vulnerabilities;

The physical and digital environments will increasingly communicate through internet connections and computers. The Internet of Things is an increasing and promising technology for Information Technology.

How Is The Internet Of Things Already Being Applied In Our Daily Lives?

The Internet of things, also called IoT by some, is already a reality for many people. Examples of the application of this technology in our daily lives are present, and we have separated some for you.


Televisions are now bright and connected to the Internet. With the popularization of streaming apps like Netflix, people could model TV programming according to their tastes and time. Thus, it is no longer necessary to wait for the time television stations choose to watch a program, for example.

The traditional TV stations, such as Rede Globo and Rede Record, already have their applications for smart TVs, Globo Play and R7 Play, in the cited examples.


The Apple Watch and similar watches are connected to the Internet, allowing access to various applications that facilitate people’s daily lives. It is possible to access social networks and reply to messages in chat applications, among other activities, through the watch.

In addition, digital watches are also widely used in physical activities to control the number of steps taken in a walk, the heart rate during the execution of a series of exercises, etc.


Glass, the like, and VR devices are examples of how glasses can be classified as the Internet of things utilities.

Through these devices, it is possible to watch movies, view 360º photos, view videos as if you were in the place where they were taken, etc. All this through an object connected to the Internet.

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