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Mobile Communications Drive All Industries Forward

Mobile Communications: IT companies and mobile operators are celebrating their highlights and innovations at two large trade fairs these days. While smartphones and tablet PCs were the stars at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona until yesterday, cloud solutions in the network and IT security will dominate the CeBIT in Hanover.

After all, this industry provides the country with the essential infrastructure, the communication networks. “This industry determines the future of Europe,” said the experts at the world’s largest meeting of the mobile communications industry, the Mobile World Congress. Because for the prosperity of a country, well-functioning internet connections are more important than roads, ports, or train stations.

Network operators such as Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica O2, and technology suppliers such as Alcatel-Lucent and the Chinese company Huawei will show what they are doing for broadband coverage as early as next week at CeBIT (March 6-10) in Hanover.

The Focus Is On Investments In Mobile Communications

“The investment in the new LTE cellular technology is currently the most important thing for us.” This is the only way to meet the rapidly increasing demand for fast Internet connections. The operators want to invest a whopping € 200 billion in new network infrastructures.

It has become an international mobile communications pioneer, LTE has hardly been expanded in other countries. 7 million households can already access the new technology today. And that although the market in this country seemed saturated. Towards the end, more than 112 million mobile phone connections were activated for the first time – a new record.

“Statistically speaking, at least every third citizen has two or more mobile phone connections.” “The demand for smartphones, tablet PCs and other devices for mobile Internet access will continue to proliferate in the future.” 2.1 million tablet PCs were sold, a sales increase of 162% compared to the previous year. You and the ubiquitous smartphones should also be among the stars in the exhibition halls.

Exploding Amounts Of Data Pose New Challenges For Mobile Communications

But not all that glitters is gold. “New players have found themselves in the market who understand little about the difficulties of the market and its challenges.” In doing so, he was alluding to the exploding amounts of data that are currently bothering network operators created by providers such as Amazon, Google, Facebook & Co, for example, through video transmissions.

“These IT giants are clogging the network and are not ready to pay for infrastructure.” “Parasites,” he called them provocatively. Like some operators for a long time, he called for new business models to be developed and regulations to be introduced. In many places, politics is blind to this eye.

When it comes to the future of mobile communications, We has unique opportunities. After all, more and more machines are being connected to the Internet, and the role of the networked automobile is also becoming increasingly important.

Mobile Communications Of The Future Will Network More And More Machines

Ford showed how important it was. The US automobile company presented the B-Max in Barcelona. A premiere for mobile operators – and not just two weeks from now in Geneva at the Motor Show. Ford announced that the model would lead Europe for the Sync communication system, which is already used in 3 million Ford cars in the United States. The B-Max will be launched in the fall.

Because of the impending global traffic blackout, board member Bill Ford demanded at the Mobile World Congress: “The automobile manufacturers need the help of the telecommunications industry. In the future, we should look at every car on the road like a rolling smartphone, laptop, or tablet PC – as a somewhat large part of a huge network.”

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