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Project Management Tool Under Test: What Can Cling Do?

Organizational tools help sort us digitally. A project management tool called Cling comes from Berlin. We took a closer look. Since the Corona lockdown at the latest, many people have been forced to digitize overnight. That ranged from the home office to the digital school to online sports. As a result, the organization often shifted to digital. After all, tasks at the workplace could no longer be assigned verbally in the office or teaching materials given to the children.

And so well-known organizational tools from Zoom to Slack to Trello experienced an unexpected boom, while many of us also discovered new tools. This also includes “Cling” from the Berlin company of the same name. We took a closer look at the project management tool.

What Is Behind The Project Management Tool Cling?

Behind Cling is a young company based in Berlin, which has developed a digital tool of the same name.

A cling is a tool that combines several practical functions in one program. Cling can probably best be described as a project management tool. You can use it to create notes, photo albums, bookmarks, or to-do lists and even upload files.

You can also use Cling collaboratively for work projects. This makes the application a versatile tool used in many different areas.

Create Photo Albums

You can use Cling privately to write notes or formulate digital to-do lists if you want. Creating photo albums and sharing them with family or friends is also possible. In addition to photos, videos can also be uploaded. However, the storage space is limited to one gigabyte (GB) in the free version.

There is already 50 GB of storage space from eight euros per month in the Pro version. Companies can also add additional functions to the business version.

The bookmark function is also worth mentioning.

Sort Bookmarks

True, it is easier to set a bookmark in the browser. But if it is important to sort your bookmarks clearly (and nicely), you will probably prefer Cling.

The desired website can be easily added to a bookmark board via a browser extension and then labeled, categorized, and even colored.

For those who are comfortable with their browser bookmarks, Cling may be more of a gimmick. But if it is important to sort your web links, you will appreciate the tool.


Cling also offers work organization and teamwork opportunities as a project management tool. Creating individual tasks and projects for yourself or sharing them with other Cling users is possible.

If you share a project with other users, you can also assign rights – similar to Google Workspace. At the same time, all users involved in a project can exchange and edit documents, leave comments, and communicate with each other via chat or even video call. This is quite remarkable for an organizational tool.

However, one also has to say that chat apps like Slack or video tools like Zoom ultimately offer more options for these individual functions precisely because they specialize in them.

At the same time, it is certainly easier to send a zoom link for spontaneous calls than to get someone to download a new tool. Nevertheless, it is a convenient organizational platform if an entire group works with the device.

Conclusion: Solid Project Management Tool With Many Options

Cling is a bit reminiscent of Trello in terms of functionality and design. However, Cling also offers features that Trello does not have, such as the bookmark function.

However, those who use Cling for the first time will also notice that Cling is not quite as intuitive to use as Trello. Here you have to try until you understand precisely how the individual functions work.

But then Cling can be an exciting project management tool, both in the private sphere and at work. This is especially true if you are looking for an agency with many different functions.

When it comes to using individual functions, specialized apps are better because they offer more options. But as a multifunctional program, Cling is highly recommended in project management.

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