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Cloud Architecture: The 11 Most Important Trends For 2022

Cloud architecture has become one of the most critical technology concepts. It is more important to keep track of the key trends this year. The multi-cloud provider Scaleway has identified the most critical trends in cloud computing, particularly cloud architecture for 2022. Cloud users will therefore consider new factors for their cloud services in the future. These include sovereignty, data protection, freedom of choice, and environmental friendliness.

Cloud Architecture: Multi-Cloud Remains Famous For Innovation

Multi-cloud, i.e., the use of several cloud providers, will be important in 2022. Therefore, the multi-could trend will lead to more fantastic choices, price arbitrage, and risk management, both in geopolitical terms and in terms of resiliency. A multi-cloud approach helps ensure business continuity and reduce costs.

Cloud Architecture: Users Don’t Want To Deal With Servers

The introduction of modern cloud architectures will continue to progress rapidly, both on the container side, especially with Kubernetes, and on the serverless side. According to Gartner’s “Kubernetes and the Battle for Cloud-Native Infrastructures” study, 85 percent of companies will be using containers in production by 2025, compared to less than 30 percent in 2020. The strong growth indicates an increased demand for cloud architecture scalability and flexibility. Lower costs and application simplification enable more efficient use of resources and more efficient work because less time is spent managing technology.

Cloud Architecture Is Becoming Increasingly Modular

As technological requirements are constantly evolving and new applications are required, the cloud architecture must be increasingly modular. On the one hand, to support future applications, on the other hand, so that the product ecosystems work well together. This becomes particularly clear when new technologies take hold, which is also reflected in the projected tripling of the market volume for cloud microservices between 2020 and 2026.

The agility, scalability, and efficiency of microservice architecture are too significant to ignore. As a result, we expect the IDC’s 2018 prediction that 90 percent of applications will be microservices by 2022 to be true this year. To set up the modular container or serverless architectures, an additional focus is placed on connecting “glue” products such as messaging & queuing or observability.

AI And Robotics With Great Potential In Medical Research

Due to their great potential, artificial intelligence and robotics will change healthcare and other industries forever. Realizing the potential will require increased reliance on centralized and edge cloud solutions, as using local servers for resource-intensive research is too costly. Cloud providers will have to face this challenge by increasingly offering energy-efficient solutions.

Open Source As A Significant Enabler

Open source is the ideal solution for creating a level playing field. As the software community moves away from proprietary and patented products, the threshold for leveraging advanced technologies is lowered significantly. This opens the doors to individuals and organizations with fewer resources – start-ups, scale-ups, non-profit organizations, organizations from developing countries, and others. However, the question remains: who pays for high-quality open source products? Who controls them?

AI And RO Developers Need Usability

The new generation of programmers expects the same ease of use in their professional tools that they know from personal applications. If these expectations are not met, it is essential to provide these new solutions as quickly as possible. Beyond that, the work environments will continue to develop and enable asynchronous work in the home office and on the go.

Matching The Life Plan

Young professionals were trying to reconcile their values ​​with their consumption, work, and leisure activities. Regionality and sustainability are just as important for employees as for consumers in general. According to Statista, it is essential for more than 56 percent of German employees that their employer is climate-neutral or sustainable. 

Cloud Architecture: It’s Getting Hot In Data Centers

Increasing transparency and pressure from consumers and institutions will also force those companies to act sustainably that have previously avoided doing so due to short-term financial gains. The sustainability discussion will also revolve around the code. Technologies such as serverless are the climate-friendly choice in terms of consumption, as they only work – and thus consume energy – when companies need it.

Cancellation Fees And Cloud Credits Are Disputed

Termination fees that cloud providers charge customers when they leave their services, as well as cloud credits, have been a significant bone of contention in the cloud industry lately. In 2022, the antitrust authorities will lay the foundations for regulation or abolition.

The EU Will Transform The Competitive Environment

Leading markets (such as the US and China) pursue an asymmetric public procurement policy that favors their local cloud service providers and disadvantages European counterparts in global competition. The European Union will intervene to level the playing field in two ways:

  • Regulation of digital gatekeepers through the Digital Markets Act and the Data Act
  • Implement a cloud industrial policy based on a level playing field, software sovereignty, and a new Buy European Tech Act. This will (hopefully) spur national cloud strategies in the same direction.

Cloud Providers Must Comply With Data Protection Guidelines

The criteria when choosing a cloud provider goes beyond the pure price-performance ratio. Technological choice, independence, and resiliency are becoming critical components of a proper risk management strategy, especially for scale-ups and start-ups.

Cloud Architecture: More Trends For 2022

Some other key trends that will fundamentally impact digital transformation and cloud architecture:

Global cloud industry revenue surpasses telecom revenue: IDC projects that the public cloud segment will grow 21 percent by 2025, reaching $809 billion in revenue. If growth continues — and we believe it will — cloud revenue should surpass telecom revenue before the decade is out.

Web3 and Blockchain Technology Will Adopt Faster: Blockchain and Web3 are considered “the next internet era.” It remains to be seen whether the hype will come true. However, with blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions built on multi-cloud infrastructures, it becomes easier for anyone to take advantage of blockchain without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.

The Metaverse will bring a lot of new entrants: is it finally time for VR and AR to go mainstream? Will 2022 be the year for Meta? “Metaverse” is all the rage these days and will need significant cloud support to take off. In the meantime, Meta might struggle to act as a team player, although Mark Zuckerberg has already (grudgingly?) admitted that one platform wouldn’t rule all.

AR Glasses, Quantum Computing, And Self-Driving Cars

Apple set to get involved in the AR market: With its announcement of new technologies at WWDC and AR-compatible glasses rumored to launch in 2022, Apple’s demand for 5G and low-latency telecom/cloud infrastructure will become significant increase.

although it has been around since 2019, it may be too late to compete with tech giants Google and IBM here. In any case, the impetus will not come from large tech companies but numerous research institutions and regional start-ups. The race has only just begun!

Self-driving cars will not catch on yet: Tesla is making efforts in this area. But broader acceptance requires comprehensive inner-city, extra-city, interstate, and cross-border infrastructure and legislation. And a change of heart that might be more difficult to achieve than the steel for 5G towers. 

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