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The 5 Biggest Project Management Mistakes

Project Management: Who does not know it: Projects rarely go as planned. When deadlines are postponed, and more & more to-dos are piling up, not only is the team stressed but the project’s success is also endangered. We’ll use the five biggest project management mistakes to show you how to avoid these problems skillfully.

Project Management Mistake: Opaque Task Management

Many employees rely on their email inbox, calendar, and manually written sticky notes at work for their task management. However, this only works until you work on a project with others.

Then essential emails get lost, agreements are not kept, and misunderstandings arise. The group must absorb mistakes made by individuals – the project is delayed, and trouble is inevitable.

How can this problem be solved?

All to-dos can be organized in one central location with a suitable project management tool. Project management creates transparency by defining task details, responsibilities, and deadlines.

Mistake: Manual Team Planning

Small teams with few customers rarely have problems with capacity planning. However, as soon as you increase the team size and the number of projects, it becomes difficult to keep track of all capacities and absences of the team.

Those who still maintain Excel lists waste valuable time on essential to-dos by constantly filling them out and updating them.

A project management tool makes sense because it enables meaningful planning with a transparent workload overview. In addition, it is always visible who is currently working on which project. In addition, you can react quickly and reschedule if deadlines are spontaneously postponed, or team members are not available.

Error: disregard GDPR

The work grows, and a team decides to implement a modern task management tool to make things easier. Everyone gets along well and likes to use the tool. After examining the data protection expert, the disappointment comes: The device does not meet the requirements of the GDPR and can therefore no longer be used.

Before a new tool is used and employees get used to it, it is essential to check beforehand whether it is a GDPR-compliant tool.

Mistake: Too Many Different Tools

A software tool, a tool for project management, one to coordinate the tasks, and a time tracking tool – who keeps track of things? The more different tools are used, the more numbers shift back and forth.

A project management tool, which covers various areas in the agency, enables all information to be managed in one central location. It helps avoid constant tool switches that lead to confusion and data chaos.

Mistake: Do Not Think Of All Colleagues

A new tool always means stress first. How does it work properly? Do I have to get used to it? Are there any tips and tricks? Anyone who has worked in the same way in the company for 20 years will find it difficult to get used to a new tool.

That is why it is essential to involve all colleagues and give them a tool that works as simply and intuitively as possible.

Transparent Task Management And Sensitive Team Planning With The Work Project Management Tool

The project management tool combines task management, resource planning, and time management. Work complies with the requirements of the GDPR, as all data is stored on the server location in Frankfurt.

The straightforward task management of work is particularly suitable for agencies and creates a reasonable basis for cooperation. With individual boards, automation, and a clear timeline, teams are optimally equipped to complete projects relaxed and without significant errors.

Work is also available as a suitable mobile app, which, in addition to time recording, offers a perfect overview of all to-dos and projects while on the move.

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