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The Best Online Backup Providers At A Glance

Online Backup: Over time, most of us accumulate lot of photos, documents & files. What happens if PC on which we save data no longer works? We explain why online backup providers make sense and compare the best four providers for you.

The vacation photos of the last few years, all the essential documents for taxes and contracts are often carefully sorted in folders on the PC. If you need them, you know exactly where to find the files. The fact that the PC can break or be stolen is too seldom considered.

In addition to local storage options, there are now many online backup providers where you can save your most important files quickly and easily because physical memory can also be lost.

With online backup providers, you save your files on the Internet. There are clear advantages in favor of online data protection:

  • Access From Anywhere: It doesn’t matter where you are or what device you want to access your data. You register with your provider and have online access to all your files.
  • Regular Backups: The provider’s system is structured so that you can work with it efficiently and intuitively. Usually, the effort is so low that you have the time to add new files regularly in addition to your other work.
  • High Security: Your files are located in a secure data center, depending on the provider. Here they are usually protected from theft, fire, or other dangers.

Online Backup Provider: Which Provider Is Right For Me?

With the large selection of different providers, you can quickly lose track of which one is perfect. We are therefore introducing you to four various online backup providers.

IONOS Cloud Backup

With IONOS Cloud Backup, as the name suggests, all of your files are saved in the cloud. With the help of the preconfigured backup agents, you can set the settings for your storage individually – for example, the storage interval or how long your files should be saved.

The IONOS Cloud Backup stands out because of its high-security standards. The company’s data centers create more security through ISO certification, firewalls, and SIEM and IDS / IPS technology. Customers decide on a storage size in advance.

In addition to the offers with 50, 100, or 250 GB of storage, customers can also opt for the Flex tariff, in which they only pay the storage space required (per gigabyte) per month.

IONOS MyBackup

In addition to IONOS Cloud Backup, the hosting provider offers another backup tariff: IONOS MyBackup. This tariff is aimed, in particular, at private users. The quick setup and ease of use are among the main features.

Like the other tariffs, all data centers are ISO certified and subject to European data protection. In addition, all data is encrypted with 256-bit AES.

With IONOS MyBackup, you can choose from four different packages: 10 GB, 100 GB, 200 GB, or 500 GB. If you ever need more storage space, you only pay a small additional fee per gigabyte and month.


The online backup provider Carbonite differs from most providers in one point: You do not decide on the storage size right at the beginning. Instead, specify how many devices you want to use the software from.

Carbonite provides software for Mac and Windows. This ensures that online backups are created smoothly and entirely automatically.

The software automatically pays attention to newly created files that users have added to the surveillance system. There are also helpful apps for iOS and Android with which you can keep an eye on the data backup.


The online backup provider Backable also works on the model that users do not have to decide in advance for a specific storage size. The software works on the principle that it constantly monitors the PC and takes over all changes directly or functions according to a schedule that you determine yourself beforehand.

All files in the system are automatically included. This means that you don’t have to worry about determining in advance what exactly should be backed up.

Backable differs from the competition in two ways. There are the self-made storage modules on the one hand: the company uses the so-called “storage pods” to create its hardware.

On the other hand, the method of data recovery: You have the option of downloading your data as usual. In addition, Backable offers to send your data to you in the form of a 256 GB flash memory or an 8 TB hard drive.

Conclusion: Online Backup Providers Help With Data Protection

You can see that online backup providers have a significant advantage: You can access your important files from anywhere and at any time. Private individuals, in particular, should not rely on physical hardware but rely on online data backup.

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