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The Future Of Work: Trends And How To Prepare

The future of work promises to be even more dynamic and challenging. The present time shows that organizations are going through a unique moment to qualify processes and people. 

Looking back, questions arise about what we can expect from the future of work. This content proposes to signal characteristics that must be part of companies from now on. Continue reading and discover that much of what lies ahead may already be part of your daily life.

What To Expect From The Future Of Work?

When we think about the future, we imagine a chronologically distant period. However, in the world of work, the end has already begun. That scenario suggested in movies, in which robots replace people, has already materialized. 

Did machines replace human labor? Or did they create new work formats? Jobs continue to exist, but people and processes have been taken to another level. 

Still, automation has taken place in several areas. And what until yesterday seemed frightening is now proving to be efficient and beneficial. 

Features Of The Job Market Of The Future

One thing doesn’t change. Companies are made up of people. Thus, human resources remain indispensable to the market. However, companies’ futures hold some peculiarities that we will see below.

Greater Professional Competition

Selection processes should no longer consider the gender, age, or geographic location of the professional. It won’t be relevant. The most attractive candidate will choose the vacancy available. Therefore, having a cultural fit will be a requirement. 

Professional Turnover

Even though high turnover rates are worrying, the job market will understand changing jobs as a necessity in the future. Leaving a stable vacancy in search of new opportunities will be expected. This is because there is a tendency for professionals to prefer to work on specific projects.

Flexible Offices And Hours

Remote work is nothing new, and this modality should continue in the future. Specific functions will no longer be face-to-face and must occur in virtual spaces, especially those linked to creativity. 

Companies have proven that abandoning traditional offices is more economically advantageous, as there is no need to maintain physical structures to accommodate people. 

Also, flexible schedules will be a practice defended by managers. The tendency is to conciliate ordinary life with professional activities. In this sense, the employee’s well-being will receive more attention from the inspection authorities. 

New Professions

In the future, the labor market will have professionals exercising professions that, at this moment, do not even exist. Technological and scientific developments will encourage new work. It is even estimated that children today will work in professions that will still emerge by 2030. 

Corporate Training In Distance Learning

In the wake of mentoring, corporate training in the distance learning modality is also a trend. Incidentally, for many companies, this is already a reality. 

This scenario justifies the need for more qualified professionals aligned with the culture, new technologies, and market trends. 

Online education models favor learning, guiding employees towards technical and theoretical skills, from anywhere, including their homes. 

The flexibility of schedules is also an attractive differentiator. Depending on the program, the student can take more than one course simultaneously.

Self-Management Capacity

Even with automation, human resources make decisions, interpret data and manage processes. In this sense, self-management will be a significant differential in companies. 

With more autonomy to meet their demands, the performance of employees will be less rigid. Furthermore, structures based on hierarchy must disappear, making room for collaborative management. 

Feedback will be more dynamic; it will happen naturally and in real-time. And even via corporate applications for employee use. Professionals will be able to freely control their performance without losing responsibility.

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