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Video Content: The Big Bet Of Digital Marketing

The video content format has everything in Digital Marketing strategies. Learn more about this trend and learn how to use it!

To keep your Digital Marketing strategies current, you must be on top of market trends. Among the latest innovations, video content is a great promise for the coming years.

But wait! We are not talking about traditional media models, such as corporate videos. Now, the proposal is to develop formats that speak more about your business and, at the same time, are within the interests of your audience.

If you are interested in standing out in the market and attracting more and more consumers, keep reading our post! Today, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the topic. Check out!

How Did This Trend Come About?

Have you noticed that, in recent times, people are more aware of video content? That’s because, with the rush of everyday life and the advancement of technology, few people have time to read a long article full of information.

To give you an idea, according to Marketing Land, videos have 41% more click-through rates in search results than in other formats.

Other factors contribute to this trend: the number of smartphone users only increases; the audiovisual sector is extremely productive; and videos are perfect for entertaining and delivering a short, to-the-point message to followers.

You’re mistaken if you think these videos are limited to institutional or advertising formats. Nowadays, it is already possible to find various dynamic content that captivates the public: tutorials, vlogs and video lessons. All this, without a doubt, makes this novelty consolidate among us!

Why Should I Invest In Video Content?

Including video content in your Digital Marketing strategies has plenty of advantages. In addition to the advantages mentioned in the previous topic, this media format is much more engaging for the public, making videos essential in the user’s buying process.

A good example of this? Before completing a purchase, you probably have already researched YouTube and looked for the product review. Consumers often want reassurance that they’re getting the best deal — and videos are great!

How To Apply This Idea In A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Are you convinced that video content is a profitable alternative for your business? So, it’s time to learn how to take this idea to your Digital Marketing strategies. Check out our suggestions:

Develop A Good Briefing

One of the main steps to creating a cool video for your brand is the organization of ideas, also known as brainstorming. You, and your team, will have to do an in-depth analysis of the topic you want to address and decide on the purpose of the video. Then comes the briefing part, which consists of a written document containing all the ideas and expectations of the project. At this stage, it is important to highlight some points, such as:

  • The theme of the video.
  • How will the recording work?
  • What will the product look like?
  • How many people will participate in the video?
  • What is the budget available?

Work Out A Schedule

After organizing your best ideas, how about creating a schedule to produce your videos and publish them periodically on social networks? With this planning, you will have more time and security to develop these materials and schedule frequent publications. Video content can be posted once a week, every 15 days or monthly.

Dedicate Yourself To The Script

In the audiovisual world, the script is the protagonist. For this reason, nothing is better than creating impactful content to highlight your brand in the market. You should seek good references and successful cases from your competition.

Get inspired! Try to convey positive messages and always promote interaction with the public. This will increase the chances that your video will go viral online.

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