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How Artificial Intelligence Affects IT Teams?

Artificial Intelligence has created ways to offer experiences to customers, and computer programs are improving increasingly, requiring professionals with their qualifications to meet the demand.

But what is Artificial Intelligence? How does it work? What are the benefits,  advantages, and concerns it generates? And, mainly, how does it influence the IT sector? We intend to answer these questions with this post. Check out!

Artificial Intelligence is a computer system that can perform tasks autonomously and without human supervision. It helps to perform simple tasks, such as defining moves on a chessboard, or complex ones, such as driving a car without a driver.

The fact is that recognizing physical objects, identifying people in photos, translating languages ​​, or any other task can now be done quickly by a computer program.

What’s more, the computer can learn to do all this on its own, becoming as good as we are, if not better. Unlike humans, AI doesn’t have to sleep, doesn’t make the same mistake twice, and can access and analyze a high volume of data in seconds.

How does Artificial Intelligence influence our Daily Lives?

You use AI 100 times a day and don’t even realize it. For example, Facebook uses a facial recognition program to identify people in your photos and recommends that users tag them.

AI also works when you use e-commerce sites such as Amazon or browse Netflix recommended shows and shows according to your preferences.

Artificial Intelligence is carrying out all these interactions. The software analyzes your Google searches and purchases made in the past and delivers products you want to consume.

Not to mention semi-autonomous cars. Today, they have self-parking technologies, autopilot to rest your feet and hands while traveling long distances, etc. We have the fully autonomous vehicles that Google has been testing.

A  driverless car has several sensors to understand where it is and what is happening around it. This includes speed, location, heading, and 360-degree view.

Based on the collected data, the system controls the car, deciding what to do, how and when to turn the steering wheel, change lanes, accelerate, brake, and other commands.

Chatbots are also a practical example. Online stores already widely use them to establish communication with customers and guide them to problem solutions. Customer service is being revolutionized with this technology.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Impacting The IT Sector?

Even if the computer is not a thinking device, it is evident that it will be soon. This can be achieved through cognitive computing, which helps to develop behavioral prediction mechanisms and quick answers to specific questions that require a lot of learning.

In this way, a series of tasks still performed manually in the IT sector will soon be carried out automatically, speeding up production and reducing the number of errors in the process.

In security, user behavioral analysis will allow the system to identify intrusion attempts, and the program must act autonomously, creating blocks and making access to data increasingly difficult.

In addition, scans will be periodically performed on servers, networks, systems, and devices, looking for bugs and other flaws that could result in vulnerabilities.

The growth in demand for development projects for self-managed systems, which perform their maintenance and updates, as well as the continuous optimization of processes, should demand specialized professionals since there are still few with this profile.

What To Expect From AI In The Future?

Advances in Artificial Intelligence divide opinions, and many concerns arise. Such as:

  • mass unemployment;
  • nullification of human privacy;
  • machines surpassing and commanding humans;
  • programs manipulating humans with false information.

However, there is nothing to worry about, as some of the world’s most outstanding technology leaders and thinkers are involved in the progress of this technology, including reflecting on how far it can evolve.

It will help a lot in important life issues, such as choosing the best insurance, job vacancies, loan applications, and many other things, based on our profile.

Artificial Intelligence will solve many significant challenges that today’s brightest minds struggle to solve. Following this trend, IT professionals should stay alert and seek training to remain firm in their careers.

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