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Interactive Showroom For Companies: How It Works

Interactive Showroom: When companies offer products or services that are difficult to explain, they face a challenge: How do new customers understand the concept? An interactive showroom helps with precisely this problem. We will show you how Garamantis helps with planning and design and what an interactive gallery looks like in practice.

When products require explanation, many companies still use classic presentations to inform new customers. While working through PowerPoint presentations generally works, they are often difficult to understand and not particularly interesting or interactive.

There are also other options for companies: An interactive showroom combines the presentation of all products with interactive elements. Business partners and new customers have the opportunity to independently discover the advantages of the offer and the products with the help of a networked multi-touch installation.

The great advantage of an interactive showroom is that the focus is no longer on a theoretical description or linear presentation from the first to the last slide. Still, instead, visitors grasp the actual product and understand it in detail.

Best Case: Interactive Showroom From Lingemann GmbH

As a consumer goods specialist, Lingemann GmbH, based in Brühl, has set itself the task of making the digitization of logistics tangible for industrial companies and offering them customer-oriented solutions. Since the topic is complex, the medium-sized company decided to implement an interactive showroom with the help of Garamantes. The concept on-site is as follows: 

The room is spacious with 55 square metres and a large glass front designed in dark anthracite. The room’s heart is a multi-touch scanner table coupled with a 6 x 55-inch screen wall. Thanks to intelligent room control, visitors are automatically guided through the space by dynamically adjusting the light and audio.

As soon as you enter the interactive showroom, the sensor on the table recognizes the visitor and starts the presentation. The guests are tuned to future developments in the industry with an emotional intro film. In the example of Lingemann GmbH, guests can find out everything about the future of digital procurement.

Guests then come to the high-resolution multi-touch table to learn more about products and services. This is done playfully via the attractively animated surface of the table, on which all relevant information is just a tap away.

Here, new customers, in particular, have the opportunity to assess the benefits of digitization for their own company: The multi-touch table offers an interactive configurator, with which you can playfully place and configure the IoT solutions from Lingemann GmbH in concrete production environments. The finished configuration is immediately available in the cloud and is suitable for further discussions.

An additional IoT product exhibition in the room is also networked with the presentation system and offers visitors a unique overall experience. Companies can use this for optimal product presentation, present themselves to their customers in a modern way, and make products tangible.

Interactive Showroom For Companies With Garamantes

If companies have products that they want to present innovatively, an interactive showroom from Garamantis is ideal. If you and your company are interested in an individual museum, the friendly Garamantis team will support you from concept to implementation.

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