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B2B Link Building Strategies That Really Work

Having good B2B link building strategies can be decisive for the good positioning of your website. Because through link-building, your company can improve your website’s ranking and drive traffic effectively.

92% of industry experts believe it will remain a key ranking factor well into the future. Therefore, link-building is a continuous and relentless process for any organization that seeks the success of its digital presence.

So, if you want to use links without making any mistakes, this article is for you. By the end, you’ll know all the tools you need to build B2B link-building strategies that work. But before:

What Is Link Building?

Link building refers to the valuable exchange of links between two websites. This includes anchor articles and hyperlinks that take users from one site to another. The following are the basic types:

  • Organic Linking: This happens when a content creator links to your website because your content is valuable to them. So that means there was no effort on your company’s part to get this link. The editorial link is a worthy example of this.
  • Built link: A perfect example is when your digital marketing team or agency combines with another website to publish your content. Guest post is an example of this.
  • Link created: when your company sends content to blogs, forums, press offices and vehicles. You do this without necessarily performing disclosure.

An inbound link to your content can establish your site’s authority and increase credibility. Also, linking to trusted sources can add value to your corporate content or website.

How Important Is Link Building For B2B Companies?

B2B digital marketing comes with some hurdles and challenges when acquiring customers. This relies heavily on building strong customer relationships and brand recognition.

This is why creating robust B2B link-building strategies is of particular importance. Today B2B SEO can be divided into four key areas:

  • UX design
  • website performance
  • Market leading content
  • high authority links

Without high authority links, even the best content will not rank well in search engines. So this means future customers might need help finding your site when searching Google for solutions to their problems.

When successfully implemented, B2B link-building strategies can result in the following:

  • Advanced SERP ranking
  • Increased visibility of your digital presence
  • Increased website traffic
  • Positive website metrics such as Domain Rank (DR), URL Rank (UR) and Page Rank (PR)
  • High customer engagement
  • sales conversion
  • Quality lead generation

Because of this, link building can optimize your SEO efforts. In addition, it can also provide more authority, credibility and good brand authority in the digital environment.

Now that we’ve talked about the theoretical side, it’s time to go into practice and put good strategies to work for your results.

Tips For Creating Good B2B Link-Building Strategies

Let’s start optimizing your SEO results now. So, the first step is to follow these suggestions in your link-building practices:

Bet On Guest Posts

Guest blogging is writing content for another business website – an important part of B2B link-building strategies.

Therefore, it is important to find industry sites whose readers have the same ideal customer profile as your company.

Since your goal is to drive traffic to your website, include backlinks pointing to pages on your website – such as your blog articles or pillar pages.

This is an indirect way of promoting your business and products or services. So ensure you provide high-quality content relevant to your target market.

You’ll be amazed at how your guest post can attract potential B2B customers and translate into sales conversions for your business.

Build Links With Your Social Networks

These days, the right social media is a powerhouse within B2B link-building strategies because people don’t just use these channels for personal interactions.

Even entrepreneurs and digital marketers leverage their social networks for business purposes. And that applies to the B2B market as well.

Therefore, create business profiles on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube.

From there, regularly create and publish content on these channels to drive B2B customers to your website. Because your business can get high-value links by:

  • Create rich materials (infographics, photos, videos) for sharing on specific networks
  • Target influencers with the most followers in your industry and share your content directly with them (not just your followers)
  • Establish relationships with industry influencers through Twitter chats, events, or lives from experts in your niche
  • Develop keyword-relevant content that appeals to a wide audience and encourages sharing (e.g. checklists, interviews or guides).

Replace Broken Links

Broken links are not beneficial for businesses and their readers or customers. However, your business can still take advantage of them. All it takes is to find and replace broken links with good ones.

The secret is to find them, contact those responsible for the sites and propose publishing their content with high-quality links. In the end, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Join Podcasts

Another vital benefit of SEO is the diversity of practices and approaches. So leveraging podcasts is beneficial to your digital marketing strategy.

As a CEO or director of a company, you’ve certainly developed insights into the B2B market over the years.

Therefore, bet on the format to share this content in the market. Start by researching and creating a list of podcasts in your industry.

See if they have corporate websites. Then review your domain authorities. Contact the hosts to schedule an appointment if they all look good and promising.

Once you become a guest on a podcast, you (or an expert from your company) will be featured on your website, for it will be recorded, transcribed and published.

Ultimately, these B2B link-building strategies will bring an opportunity for leads to your B2B company.

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