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Cooling System Ensures Climate Neutrality Of Data Centers

Schafer IT-Systems has added a cooling system to its iQdata data center solutions. The rack-based solution for edge applications, enables compliance with the energy efficiency requirements according to EU directives.

Servers are traditionally air-cooled. Liquid cooling systems are now increasingly being used. The almost entirely water-cooled “High Cap Edge” cooling system from Schafer IT-Systems, a provider of data center infrastructure, data center cooling solutions, and network technology, works according to the concept of direct hot water cooling. The rack-based overall solution for edge applications enables compliance with the efficiency requirements according to EU directives, regardless of the environmental conditions at the installation site. The aim is to achieve climate neutrality beyond classic data centers.

The cooling system is based on an integrated InRackCooler. In addition, a SlotInCooler or a BackCooler is provided for the dissipation of existing residual heat, for which a cooling capacity of a few kilowatts is sufficient. Additional cooling for other hardware modules such as network components, uninterruptible power supplies, or rack power distribution strips is unnecessary.

A New Cooling System Reduces Costs For Air Conditioning Units

Using directly hot water-cooled servers and cooling solutions such as water-conditioned Slot-InCoolers or BackCoolers reduces costs for air conditioning units and enables heat from the device to be reused, for example, for the district heating network. With a temperature spread of ten Kelvin, the “High Cap Edge” cooling system achieves a cooling capacity of fifty kilowatts. Alternatively, free cooling with an output of up to ten kilowatts at a temperature spread of six Kelvin is possible all year round.

The closed approach offers a compact cooling solution for high-density data centers, whose cooling capacity can be expanded adaptively by arranging them in series. Due to the energetic integral concept and the closed design, High Cap Edge has a minimum of necessary interfaces. Schafer IT-Systems has further developed the new cooling solution in the IQ data portfolio in cooperation with the partner Cloud&Heat Technologies in Dresden. As the product name suggests, the target application is designed for high-density data centers or edge applications with high power densities in the smallest spaces.

Schafer IT-Systems, the manufacturer of network and server cabinet solutions and data center solutions for conventional and complex applications, belongs to Schafer Werke GmbH. The owner-managed Schäfer Werke Group, headquartered in Neunkirchen, operates worldwide with the following business areas: EMW steel service center, perforated sheet metal, fully recyclable standard and special containers made of stainless steel, equipment for the data center as well as workshops and operations. 

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