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IoT: Understand How It Has Revolutionized The Market

The IoT is a concept that has gained space, as its impact on society represents a significant change in the way we deal with the technology we have available.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, know that the trend is for this technical term to be increasingly present in the job market, as it is an important way of structuring strategies that seek to improve the performance of companies.

In today’s text, we will explain in more detail what the Internet of Things means and how this concept has revolutionized the market.

What Is The Internet Of Things?

Internet of Things, is a technological concept that rests on the idea of ​​a fusion between reality and digital, allowing individuals to constantly communicate and interact, whether with other people or objects.

The expression was first used by scientist Kevin Ashton in 1999, referring to technologies that could connect devices to facilitate and organize people’s lives.

The idea was that all objects of everyday life would be connected to the internet, acting intelligently.

This way, household appliances, automobiles, and keys, among other things, could be improved and adapted to help people’s routines.

Ashton’s thesis is that the hectic routine and lack of time will make people connect to the internet in a way that can assist in carrying out tasks that people would spend time performing. 

According to what Ashton thinks and defends, through this connection, it will be possible to accumulate data about our bodies with much greater precision and security than we have today through constant monitoring.

Through this data, it will be possible to reduce, optimize and save natural and energy resources, for example. 

For the researcher, this revolution will be bigger than the development of the online world as we know it today, reaching importance on an even grander scale.

Impact Of The Internet Of Things On The World

The Internet of Things is part of an even broader plan involving intelligent cities and urban projects considering sustainability, efficiency and quality of life. 

These “cities of the future”, which are not even that far from becoming a reality, will be composed of elements such as autonomous cars, intelligent traffic lights that adapt to traffic, systems with water reuse and intelligent garbage recycling, among other innovations.

We will have a maximum variety of connected devices, from cars to drones, remote servers to entire buildings, and inside houses. 

Sensors will be able to identify internal problems, such as leaks, lights will be able to turn on and off by themselves, and vacuum cleaners will be able to detect dust. They will clean the rooms, all autonomously!

For this to be possible, the connection needs to be very good. And that’s when we start talking about 5G. 

More than the greed for an increasingly better and improved connection, this evolution results from the need that the Internet of Things brings.

After all, many people connected is a premise requiring a more robust and powerful connection system to handle so many users accessing simultaneously.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the sectors and services in which the Internet of Things will drive the most change below.


Databases are an essential part of any business, and with IoT devices connecting consumers and promoting more significant interaction, organizations will have greater access to data than they do today.

Smart devices will be able, for example, to record consumption patterns and possibly learn from them to make product recommendations and carry out new research with different and more efficient approaches.

This will consequently allow companies to utilize more targeted marketing, reaching targets more effectively.

Increase In Remote Work

If today the home office is still a little explored modality, the Internet of Things can open thousands of doors for this sector. 

With the possibility of having several devices connected to the same network through remote access, workers will be more interconnected and can carry out work remotely with the same efficiency and speed as in person.

New Forms Of Consumption

With so many electronic possibilities emerging in the market, consumers will naturally discover new needs and want to acquire new equipment, which will move the consumer market.

Consumers will look for more integration, efficient tools and accessories in their home furniture items.

More Productivity

Productivity is about getting more done in less time. In this sense, in addition to contributing to instant satisfaction, technological changes also provide more efficiency and productivity.

With the Internet of Things, employees will be able to produce even more and more accurately in less time, for example, when it comes to analyzing and managing data.

Inventory Management

Monitoring inventories will also be a much easier task thanks to the evolution of the Internet of Things.

For those who deal with manufacturers and warehouses, for example, the intelligent devices of the future will be able to tabulate the stock automatically.

This will save employees a lot of time and work.

New Employees

Employees adequately trained to work in the IT sector will be in great demand. It will be necessary to have an extremely competent and always available team to deal with technical and information security issues.

After all, most of the production will be automated by machines and devices, and it will be necessary to have people capable of understanding and dealing with all this.

Work Culture Within Companies

It is a fact that the culture within companies today is no longer the same as it was decades ago. Big Data, for example, is already changing managers’ perceptions about the volume of information available in their offices. It has allowed them to use all this to identify opportunities, predict scenarios, optimize processes and make decisions.

And this internal cultural change of companies tends to progress even further in line with the advancement and evolution of the Internet of Things.

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